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In the season finale of Season 7 of the Meet the Mancunian podcast, host Deepa Thomas-Sutcliffe talks with Susie Hughes, Head of RSPCA Manchester and Salford, about the significant impact the organisation has on improving animal welfare in the UK. The episode covers Susie's personal journey to becoming passionate about animal welfare, influenced by David Attenborough. It explores the mission of the RSPCA Manchester and Salford, highlighting their efforts in rescuing animals from neglect and cruelty and their community outreach initiatives.

Susie shares the challenges faced by the organisation, from funding challenges to the emotional toll on workers. The conversation also touches on the value of community support, the importance of neutering pets to control overpopulation, and offers advice for those looking to make a difference in animal welfare. The podcast aims to inspire action and awareness regarding animal welfare, underscoring the resilience and recovery of animals in care and the critical role of the community.

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Key resources

RSPCA Manchester and Salford


Key Moments in the podcast and transcript

(01:35) Discovering a Lifelong Passion for Animals

(02:25) The Journey to RSPCA: Making a Difference

(04:13) Inside RSPCA Manchester and Salford: Mission and Operations

(05:59) The Challenges of Animal Welfare Work

(10:48) Celebrating Successes and Overcoming Heartbreak

(15:22) Advice for Aspiring Animal Welfare Supporters


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