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Why Big Companies Are Going DTC

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Our guest Wayne Blum is currently Director of US E-Commerce Strategy and Partnerships at Diageo, but before that he led digital for Nestlé Waters and their direct-to-consumer (DTC) business, ReadyRefresh. Wayne joins us to discuss why the world’s biggest brands are interested in going DTC, the challenges they face in the channel, and what’s behind the success of the world’s largest and most profitable DTC programs in the food and beverage world.

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  • Liquid Assets: A Beverage Industry Podcast podcast

    Celebrity Partnerships 101: Featuring Elizabeth Banks & Archer Roose


    Earlier this year, Marian Leitner-Waldman, CEO of canned wine brand Archer Roose, found an unusual business partner: the actor, producer, and director Elizabeth Banks. Celebrity-backed brands are not a new phenomenon, but the trend is gaining considerable momentum in beverages. In this episode, Marian and Elizabeth (now Co-Owner and Chief Creative Officer at the company) help us understand celebrity partnerships as a modern brand-building strategy – discussing why they joined forces, where they expect their collaboration to pay dividends, and their plan moving forward.
  • Liquid Assets: A Beverage Industry Podcast podcast

    Are Brands Built in the On-premise?


    Steve Chasen, VP of Trade Marketing at Campari America, helped execute one of the most successful on-premise brand-building campaigns in history: that of the Aperol spritz. Linden Pride, Co-Founder & President of Dante NYC, is the proprietor of Caffe Dante, which was named the "World’s Best Bar" in 2019 and played a major role in popularizing the eminently Instagrammable fluorescent-orange cocktail. Together, they help us answer an important question: In the age of social media, e-commerce, and celebrity brands, how do you build a brand in the on-premise?
  • Liquid Assets: A Beverage Industry Podcast podcast

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  • Liquid Assets: A Beverage Industry Podcast podcast

    Occasion-Based Marketing, featuring Pinterest


    Pinterest is a powerful platform for occasion-based marketing. Kym Lewis, their Partnership Manager for beverages, and Tina Pukonen, their Global Head of Vertical Strategy & Marketing, share their best practices for building an occasion-based marketing strategy, on Pinterest and beyond.
  • Liquid Assets: A Beverage Industry Podcast podcast

    Portfolio Rebuilds: Is the Cash Always Greener on the Other Side?


    We started our conversation expecting to talk about the news, but so much of the news has been dominated by major beverage companies shaking up their portfolio. Whether it was Molson Coors shutting down 11 brands, Coca-Cola cutting its portfolio in half, PepsiCo selling its juice brands for USD 3bn or Boston Beer partnering with PepsiCo and Beam Suntory, we try to figure out how each of these decisions fit into a larger strategy and what they may mean for the future of the beverage industry.
  • Liquid Assets: A Beverage Industry Podcast podcast

    DISCUS and the Drive for New Spirits Regulations


    Chris Swonger, CEO of Distilled Spirits Council of the United States and, and David Ozgo, their Chief Economist, talk about regulations, tariffs, and the overall well-being of the US spirits industry.
  • Liquid Assets: A Beverage Industry Podcast podcast

    The Inflation Sensation That’s Sweeping the Nation


    They warned us about the return of inflation during their last appearance on Liquid Assets. Now, six months later, we welcome back the Rabobank economic duo, Jane Foley and Christian Lawrence to discuss this pesky inflation situation and dive deep into how the beverage industry is dealing with upstream price spikes and shortages.
  • Liquid Assets: A Beverage Industry Podcast podcast

    Behind the Scenes: The Best and Worst of Liquid Assets


    We have just completed three years of producing Liquid Assets, and it is high time for some joyful navel-gazing. In this episode, we look back at three years of the show and discuss what we got right and what we got wrong, and we send some love to the industry leaders who inform and inspire us and fill us with jealous rage.
  • Liquid Assets: A Beverage Industry Podcast podcast

    Wine Industry Outlook: Sunny With a Chance of Flowers


    This week, we are joined by Wine Industry Person of the Year, Heidi Scheid, and leading industry analyst Dale Stratton to discuss how quickly the wine industry will recover from Covid-19 and the opportunity for the wine industry to tap into health and wellness trends.
  • Liquid Assets: A Beverage Industry Podcast podcast

    Flavor and Ingredient Innovation Trends, with Kerry Group


    When a beverage company wants to create a new product – anything from a new line extension to a non-alcoholic drink – they turn to companies like Kerry Group. John Kelly and Paul Villis take a break from their work at Kerry Group to discuss product, ingredient, and flavor innovation trends.
  • Liquid Assets: A Beverage Industry Podcast podcast

    The Future of the Malt Market


    In this episode, we're joined by Rabobank analysts Francois Sonneville and Maria Afonso as well as Brent Atthill, CEO of RMI Analytics and former global procurement director at SAB Miller and AB InBev, to take a look upstream at the malting barley supply chain, how it is evolving, and how it is linked to the overall health of the beer industry around the globe. To learn more: Rabobank’s Malting Industry Outlook Podcast: What Will Australia Do With All of Its Barley?

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