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E156: Witch Magik with Mia Magik

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Mia Magik is an ambassador for Modern Magik and bringing the ancient ways to the modern day.

As the Headmistress of Witch School, she guides her students to uncover their unique power and spiritual gifts. Her international retreats in Castles and wild natural environments are like spending a week at Hogwarts for deep interpersonal transfiguration and healing.

Mia inspires her students & clients to clear the blockages and painful programming within so their innate power, wisdom & IntuWitchin can flow freely and direct their lives. A voice of the Earth & the forests, Mia is a walking reminder that magick is indeed real and alive all around us.

In this episode:

  • What does it mean to be a witch?
  • How to sync your energy to nature
  • Why we turn away from our magick and how to return
  • Discover your unique way to weaving magick into everyday life
  • How it feels to be connected to your inner wisdom and power

For more information on Mia’s offerings please visit, and follow as she leads the way for witches of the world on Instagram.

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