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Episode 37- Travelling Light/Pure Heaven

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This time around, Antony reads two of his short stories, referred to in the title of the episode, and muses on various things, including Chris Ryan and his ‘Tangentially Speaking’ podcast, Thai memories, a surreal Valium-fuelled overnight trip, a wonderful review from a listener, the magic of cats, normies vs truthers and a couple of other things. I don’t always have answers but I’ve got plenty of good questions…


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episode links

The original ‘Travelling Light’ and ‘Pure Heaven’ blog posts

Chris Ryan's 'Tangentially Speaking' podcast

TED-Ed videos about cats

9/11 documentary (warning to normies- this will change your view of the event if you’ve only ever considered any holes in the official story to be baseless ‘conspiracy theories’)

Everything Is A Remix (there have been subsequent parts- check the website below

Echoes vs 2001: A Space Odyssey (get high without drugs)

Money As Debt (there have been sequels as well)

The Money Myth Exploded (very thought-provoking)

TED talk by Yossi Ghinsberg (Amazon survival)

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