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Lecture Breakers

Barbi Honeycutt, Ph.D.

The Lecture Breakers podcast is the place where college professors, instructors, and educators share innovative teaching strategies, practical ideas, teaching tips, and resources to help you break up your lecture, energize your classroom, increase student engagement, and improve learning. Join Dr. Barbi Honeycutt and her guests as they show you how to integrate active learning strategies in your lecture without spending hours redesigning your course, getting overwhelmed, or feeling frustrated.

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    111: The Biggest Takeaways from the Top 10 Most Downloaded Episodes in 2021


    In episode 111, we're wrapping up the year and bringing season 2 to a close. Join me in counting down the top 10 most downloaded episodes of 2021! And because I have been learning right along with you, I’ll also share my biggest takeaway from each episode.  Get the show notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/LB111
  • Lecture Breakers podcast

    110 - How to Enhance Critical Thinking and Promote Student Success


    Donna M. Smith is a math instructor at Sierra College, and she recently received Top Hat's Black Educator grant for her work teaching introductory college-level courses to diverse groups of students who are pursuing careers in STEM. In this episode, she shares specific teaching strategies and offers advice you can use to design active learning experiences to promote critical thinking and enhance student success. She also discusses how she uses a “before, during, and after” class model to help students prepare for active learning experiences and come to class ready to participate. Get the show notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/LB110
  • Lecture Breakers podcast

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  • Lecture Breakers podcast

    109: Content Overload: How to Avoid Overwhelming Your Students with Too Much Data


    In episode 109, Dr. Echo Rivera shares advice about how to avoid "data dumps" in your presentations which can lead to overwhelm, confusion, and frustration. She also discusses how to use the elements of storytelling to create a more engaging, well-designed presentation and makes it more meaningful, relevant, memorable, and valuable to students. Get the show notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/LB109
  • Lecture Breakers podcast

    108: Creating Brave Spaces in Your Courses


    In episode 108, Kate Sweeney describes what a brave space is, why it matters in teaching and learning, and how you can help your students reframe their idea of failure and discover what the process of learning can be.  Get the show notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/LB108
  • Lecture Breakers podcast

    107: 5 Educational Apps to Increase Student Engagement


    In episode 107, Holly Owens shares 5 different educational apps, all of which you can use for free and easily integrate into your courses no matter what LMS you are using. Holly gives us the name of the app, explains what it does, and then shares a few examples of how you can use the app in your courses. Get the show notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/LB107
  • Lecture Breakers podcast

    106: Active Learning, Inclusive Teaching, and Building Relationships


    Dr. Bryan Dewsbury joins us to talk about how he creates engaging and welcoming learning experiences for ALL students - even with a class size of 155 students! He talks about the importance of building relationships, supporting and motivating students, and breaking away from the traditional sage on the stage lecture model. Show notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/LB106
  • Lecture Breakers podcast

    105 - Playful Lectures: How and Why You Should Integrate Play into Your Lectures


    In episode 105, Dr. Silviana Falcon joins us to talk about how to integrate more play into your lectures. We talk about why play is important, how it can influence learning, and what types of playful activities you can try as you integrate more play into your lectures. Get the show notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/LB105
  • Lecture Breakers podcast

    104: Case Study Episode: Teaching a Service-Learning Course for the First Time


    Dr. Minna Ng joins us to talk about service-learning. In this case study episode, Dr. Minna Ng joins ut to talk about teaching her first service-learning course (during COVID!). We dig into the learning outcomes for her course, the service-learning project, the community partners, and how things went overall. Show Notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/LB104
  • Lecture Breakers podcast

    103: Community Engaged Learning


    In episode 103, Dr. Jess Lucero joins us to talk about community engaged learning, or what is also known as service-learning. We discuss what it is, how to integrate this approach into your courses, how to create strong connections with community partners, and how to introduce students to the community engaged learning experience.  Show notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/LB103
  • Lecture Breakers podcast

    102: How to Make Team Teaching Work


    In episode 102, Dr. Katharine Dill shares recommendations and advice for making team teaching work. Team teaching can be a great way to leverage the collective intelligence and expertise of a group of colleagues. But, it's also important to understand what's involved in making these collaborative approaches work well so you can create a successful learning experience for students.  Show Notes: https://barbihoneycutt.com/LB102

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