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The company that helps charities make a bigger impact - Rachael Murray, CEO of Making Impact Matter

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Giving to charity is one of the easiest ways to do good. But have you ever wondered what impact your donation actually has?

Enter my guest on the Karmic Capitalist podcast, Rachael Murray, founder of a company appropriately called Making Impact Matter (MiM).

Making Impact Matter helps charities figure out how to measure impact. But doing the work has more outcomes than just measurement.

  • Figuring out how to measure impact is essential to secure funding. So MiM's work helps charities get more funding.
  • The process of working through how to measure impact itself can focus how the work is delivered. So MiM's work helps charities focus their efforts even harder - i.e. deliver more bang for the buck.
  • There have been occasions when the measurement process itself has increased impact, such as when Rachel talks through the beautiful projects they've supported for kids who loved the engagement in the measurement cycle.
  • And obviously, the measurement also allows charities to learn and continually improve their delivery.

MiM also intentionally serves as a mechanism for analysts with a passion to engage with causes they care about. She and her network of associates engage with causes ranging from domestic violence to diversity to youth engagement to local communities.

We talk through some of the work that MiM has done, and you can see Rachael's passion for making a difference through the company and with her life.

Rachael’s actively evaluating next steps for the company, and we talk through some of the thinking for what that might look like. 

This is a fascinating insight into a very heart-driven business and its founder. And as a key enabler for charities to secure funding, Making Impact Matter is about as Karmic a business as you can get.


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