Islamic History X podcast

Islamic History X

Mohamud Mohamed

The great North African polymath Abd ar-Raḥmān Ibn Khaldūn once observed "The past resembles the future more than one drop of water resembles another." That sentiment guides the spirit of this bimonthly podcast on Islamic History for the contemporary Muslim mind, we will explore themes of continuity, change and evolution. Join us on this journey as we seek to answer the question "What can past teach us about the present?"

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  • Islamic History X podcast

    003- Islam In East Africa I: Somalia


    On this weeks episode we cover: - The socio-political climate of Arabia and Africa at the turn of the 7th century - The historic relationship between Arabia and East Africa - The historicity of source material on Islam in Somalia and East Africa - The emergence of the Somali-Muslim city-states & dynasties  Enjoy! like and follow us on Twitter and IG: @IslamicHistoryX
  • Islamic History X podcast

    002- Ibn Khaldun, ʿAsabiyya & The Black Death


    Sorry for the wait, Episode 2 is here. In this episode we cover: - The Life of Ibn Khaldun - A Deep Dive into "Asabiyya" - Dynastic Rise & Decline - And... a Good Revenge Story
  • Islamic History X podcast

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  • Islamic History X podcast

    001- Why You Should Care About Islamic History


    Welcome to the inaugural  episode of the Islamic History X Podcast, in this episode we cover: - An overview of our podcast and how it will work - The historical methodology and scope of our podcast - A brief introduction to Ibn Khaldun and his theory of ʿAsabiyyah (Group solidarity)

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