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Reimagining American Identity

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How we would approach America’s racial reckoning if we framed it as a hero or heroine journey? What it would mean to use this metaphor for developing leaders? Amiel Handelsman and Jewel Kinch-Thomas join the show to discuss their approach to this very timely topic.

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  • Innovating Leadership, Co-Creating Our Future podcast

    Stewards of The Future: A Guide for Competent Boards


    Helle Bank Jorgensen recently published her book, Stewards of The Future: A Guide for Competent Boards. Its publication could not be timelier, with companies around the world having to seriously examine environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues in the wake of the recent COP26 summit in Glasgow. To achieve long-term profits and sustainability, boards must ask the right questions on a range of complex issues, including climate change, ESG, corruption, cybersecurity, human trafficking and supply-chain resilience. Helle joins Maureen to share the insights from more than 100 world experts and reinforced by international case studies that she shares in her book. The book is a must-have guide for board members and executives everywhere.
  • Innovating Leadership, Co-Creating Our Future podcast

    What Leaders Won't Talk About When Scaling a Business


    When businesses begin to scale their business there are many challenges to consider. Greg Moran joins the show for a discussion about topics that are often not addressed in scaling a business such as back-office processes and tooling, hiring and diversity, space: culture and people, keeping the value chain in balance, pricing and value creation, establishing ESG processes and minimizing distraction.
  • Innovating Leadership, Co-Creating Our Future podcast

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  • Innovating Leadership, Co-Creating Our Future podcast

    Going First: Courage to Lead Purposefully and Inspire Action


    Having a clear sense of your individual purpose is a prerequisite for leadership in the 2020s. It takes time and attention to refine our own purpose but delivers huge returns in terms of our wellbeing and performance in the Me, We, and World dimensions. In other words, we become healthier, happier, and more effective as individuals; our teams become more collaborative, creative, and profitable; and the people and planet around us benefit as well. Nell Derick Debevoise joins the show to discuss her new book, Going First, Find the Courage to Lead Purposefully and Inspire Action.
  • Innovating Leadership, Co-Creating Our Future podcast

    Leadership Trends for Future-Ready Leaders in 2022 and Beyond


    Uncertainty is the norm across all realms of our work and home lives. However, this uncertainty is different depending on professional roles and personal living conditions. This year’s leadership trends report points out key trends we anticipate continuing and some recommendations to address these trends. Christopher Washington joins Maureen to discuss these trends and how leaders can prepare themselves and their organizations to face these trends.
  • Innovating Leadership, Co-Creating Our Future podcast

    Red Roof Revisioning the Future


    Red Roof is evolving under the leadership of their new President, George Limbert. George and his team have updated their vision to reflect our post-covid era that embraces the community and employees and creates an exceptional customer experience across all Red Roof branded properties. George talks about the bold steps they are taking now to bring this vision into reality. This interview is the first in a series of Red Roof’s re-imagining and evolution.
  • Innovating Leadership, Co-Creating Our Future podcast

    World Employment and Human Centered Recovery Strategies


    How has the pandemic changed the workforce, both regionally and globally? What can be done about this drastic change in demographics? Kevin Cassidy and Christopher Washington join the show today to discuss the role of the ILO, the International Labour Organization, to examine the trends in employment, to consider emergent ideas such as changing dimensions of job quality, provide insights on populations differentially impacted by the pandemic and enlighten listeners to effective “human-centered” recovery strategies and recommendations from the ILO.
  • Innovating Leadership, Co-Creating Our Future podcast

    What Leaders Need to Know About Circular Economy


    Traditional organizations have followed a linear economy that is often summarized by “take, make, waste.” Today, John joins Maureen to discuss how leaders must begin to educate themselves on circular economy. What is it? Why is it critical for leaders to understand this topic? What does it mean for their organizations?
  • Innovating Leadership, Co-Creating Our Future podcast

    The Power and Promise of Generation Z Part 2


    AnneMarie Hayek is returning to the show to continue the conversation about her research of GenZ. In her new book, Generation We, she joins forces with thousands of Zs to tell their powerful story—one that impacts all of us. In this episode, we will discuss how as leaders we can attract and lead Gen Z, how their diversity of exposure impacts their priorities and how this generation will impact the arc of humanity and more. Episode 1 of her interview was aired on October 5th, 2021.
  • Innovating Leadership, Co-Creating Our Future podcast

    Data Science in Hiring and Training Decisions Part 2


    This is the second of a 2-part interview with Dave Kurlan, founder and CEO of Objective Management Group and Joe DiDonato, Chief of Staff for Baker Communications. They join the show to discuss a much-needed tool that’s coming into widespread use in the hiring, onboarding, training and coaching of salespeople. It uses data science to help diagnose strengths and identify skill gaps to aid in our hiring and training decisions. And for most sales executives it’s a welcome addition that helps them solve the problem of sales turnover, which currently plagues the industry at an astronomical 34.7%. This assessment was designed by Objective Management Group and used by Baker Communications to help their clients accelerate sales performance, reduce turnover, and compress the time it takes to get sellers into the field selling.
  • Innovating Leadership, Co-Creating Our Future podcast

    How Collaboration Is Changing and Modern Team Dynamics


    There's one simple truth most working adults realize in their first job: meetings stink. Darren Chait is no exception. While he was an attorney, he recoiled at how inefficient and archaic lawyers' meetings are...then he had sticker shock when he saw the invoices and realized clients pay for that slow-paced inefficiency! That put him on the path to finding a better way for meetings. The result: Hugo, an online app that changes the way we think about meetings. On the way, Darren learned that leadership in a fast-growth startup is very different than what the textbooks say. He joins Maureen to share what he's learned on the journey about leadership, how collaboration is changing, modern team dynamics, shared consciousness, direction versus support, and when to make leader problems team problems.

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