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Connection: Our Deepest Desire

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Are you longing for connection? Do you want to experience intimacy and connection with others, and the joy and aliveness that this offers? We all deeply desire connection with others, but what is necessary for us to have this? Discover what you need to do to create loving connection with another.

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  • Inner Bonding podcast

    How to be a Loving Adult


    Discover why you can’t heal without a spiritually connected loving adult, and what to do when you get triggered into your ego wounded self. Becoming a trustworthy loving adult is essential for healing yourself and your relationships, and you become trustworthy as you learn to love yourself and share your love with others.
  • Inner Bonding podcast

    How You Might Be Ruining Your Relationships


    Most of us want loving relationships, but many people are doing the opposite of what they need to do to create loving relationships. Discover what you might be doing that’s ruining your relationships and what else you can do.
  • Inner Bonding podcast

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  • Inner Bonding podcast

    Why Do You Want to Communicate?


    Is a lack of communication one of the complaints you have in your relationship? Does the communication between you and your partner often get confusing? Many couples claim that their problems stem from a lack of communication, and that they can’t resolve their problems. Discover the good reasons for this, what to do about it, and which forms of communication cause problems and which work to resolve issues and create intimacy.
  • Inner Bonding podcast

    It Takes Courage to Love: The Inner Bonding Podcast


    Do you have the courage to love both yourself and others, or is the pseudo-safety of control more important to you? Discover why it takes great courage to learn to love, and why it's so important to make love your highest priority. Loving holds within it the greatest joy and the greatest pain in life, but without it, life is empty. If you feel some inner emptiness, it’s likely because you are allowing fear to stop you from loving yourself and others.
  • Inner Bonding podcast

    How to Stop Blaming: The Inner Bonding Podcast


    Do you sometimes find yourself angry and blaming in your relationships and you have no idea why you are behaving this way? Find out what is behind the need to blame. Discover the physical and emotional issues that your anger, blame and judgment are causing you, and what you can do to heal an addiction to blame.
  • Inner Bonding podcast

    Fears and False Beliefs About Loving Yourself: The Inner Bonding Podcast


    Do you believe that if you learn to love yourself and you become happy and whole, will you end up alone? Will a partner want you if you are not needy? Were you brought up to believe that taking care of yourself is selfish, and that to be a good person you need to be self-sacrificing? Discover what might be stopping you from learning to love yourself and take loving actions on your own behalf.
  • Inner Bonding podcast

    How Honest Are You in Your Relationships?


    Most of us like to think we are honest people, yet how often do you deny or withhold your truth to get approval or avoid conflict? Wouldn’t you rather know the truth, even if it's very painful, rather than be lied to? Isn't it even more painful to be lied to? Part of authentic love is being willing to tell the truth and receive the truth.
  • Inner Bonding podcast

    Coming into Your Right Mind - The Inner Bonding Podcast


    It’s more important than ever to learn how to access our right mind – our right brain spiritually connected loving adult. But once we get triggered into our lower left-brain fear-based programmed wounded self, it can be a challenge to get back in our right mind. It’s vitally important to know the pathway back because personal and planetary healing can happen only when we operate from our right mind.-
  • Inner Bonding podcast

    Sustaining Love: The Inner Bonding Podcast


    Have you lost the wonderful feelings of love and intimacy you had at the beginning of your relationship? It's never too late to reclaim them, but first you need to understand why they are gone. Emotional intimacy is essential for sustaining love in a committed relationship, but do you have trouble giving and receiving love? Discover what fears might be in the way of this for you.
  • Inner Bonding podcast

    Self-Abandonment and Addiction to Connection


    Do you sometimes keep trying to connect with someone who is unavailable? Do you believe that you need to be connected with others in order to feel validated and connected with yourself? Do you have a connection addiction? Connection with others is vital for all of us, but when we disconnect from ourselves to avoid pain, we lose the possibility of connecting with others.

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