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IC? Manager? Technical Founder? How to chart your engineering career path — Stripe & Cocoon’s Amber Feng

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Today’s episode is with Amber Feng, who is the co-founder and CTO of Cocoon, and was previously an engineering leader at Stripe for eight years. In today’s conversation, we pull on threads from Amber’s engineering career to weave together lessons for other engineers charting their own path. Although Amber’s spent the majority of her career at Stripe, she’s had all sorts of different experiences — from individual contributor, to engineering manager, to heading up entire orgs, and then back to individual contributor again. We begin by discussing the unexpected traits that differentiate the most high-achieving engineers up and down the org chart. We also get into the debate that most engineers face during their career — whether to hone your craft and become an expert IC, or go the management route. Amber’s gone back and forth between the two, and shares the advice she gives to other folks who are considering where their strengths may be best leveraged. Finally, we turn the page to the most recent chapter in her career journey — becoming a first-time founder. She shares the lessons from Stripe’s Patrick Collison that she’s applying to her own company Cocoon and shares words of wisdom for other engineers with interest in starting their own company from 0 to 1. You can follow Amber on Twitter at @amfeng You can read the First Round Review article Amber mentioned with the co-founder questionnaire here: You can email us questions directly at [email protected] or follow us on Twitter @ and

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