I4C Trouble with Daly and Wallace podcast

I4C Trouble with Daly and Wallace

Clare Daly, Mick Wallace

A brand new political podcast from Ireland's two best-known independent left wing MEPs, straight from the belly of the EU beast. Unfiltered by mainstream media they grapple with the problems at the very heart of the European project.

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  • I4C Trouble with Daly and Wallace podcast

    EP 74 - A very special bonus episode


    We’ve got a second podcast for you this week, we discuss Covid, Vaccines, the Common Agricultural Policy, Tsikhanouskaya (Belarus’s Guiado) visiting the EP (again), and lovely Belgium.
  • I4C Trouble with Daly and Wallace podcast

    EP 73 - Time to COP on


    Damien is back from the COP climate conference in Glasgow. We talk about the failure of the rich countries to address financing climate change adaptation and mitigation in the Global South.
  • I4C Trouble with Daly and Wallace podcast

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  • I4C Trouble with Daly and Wallace podcast

    EP 72 - Reporting back from Vilnius


    This week Mick and Clare are joined by the wonderful Bethany Howard, another week, another host. They are just back from Lithuania at the trial of Algirdas Paleckis former journalist and MP accused of espionage. They fill us in on the trial and what they saw there.They also discuss the COP in Glasgow and the depressing reluctance of rich countries to take meaningful action on the climateFinally, Covid never went away but it’s back in full swing- they discuss how governments are handling it and the need for room for debate around the vaccine pass. 
  • I4C Trouble with Daly and Wallace podcast

    EP 71 - Feet on the ground


    Clare and Mick are back in the Parliament, we discuss their recent trips.Clare fills us in about the report she just launched in Bulgaria and her visit there; Mick tells us about his trip to Nicaragua during the recent elections; Finally Clare has just been to Chios island in Greece where she met asylum seekers imprisoned on charges of people smuggling. She tells us the stories of the people she met in the prison there and the gross mistreatment of migrants by Greece, called “Europe’s shield” by EU Commission president Von der Leyen- is this what she meant?Read the report on rule of law in Bulgaria, Spain and France here: https://claredaly.ie/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/BindingtheGuardian.pdf
  • I4C Trouble with Daly and Wallace podcast

    EP 70 - Journalism is not a crime


    Mick and Clare are just back from the Julian Assange trial in London. This week the podcast is all about journalism- what does it mean for the world when journalists can be jailed for exposing war crimes?Following on from that we discuss Taiwan and the lambasting Mick got last week for a video he put out on Taiwan and the One China policy. The One China policy is something accepted by the UN and the Irish government, yet somehow stating that now gets you described as a mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party…
  • I4C Trouble with Daly and Wallace podcast

    EP 69 - Why is Poland in trouble with the EU?


    Poland is causing trouble in the EU- the Polish government is being accused of interference with the judiciary and overstepping the mark in terms of EU law. Is this the EU getting involved in the sovereign issues of member states or is it simply a case of enforcing the rules of the game? This week Mick, Clare and Damien get into the some big questions about the EU- what are the limits of EU power and where should we be drawing the line?
  • I4C Trouble with Daly and Wallace podcast

    EP 68 - Keeping the lights on


    Damien and Clare are missing this week and Ciara, Mick’s parliamentary assistant, is taking over as presenter. Mick gets his revenge for previous “censoring” of his jokes by telling a long story he heard about a priest… lord help us.We discuss rising energy prices and gas shortages as we come into the winter- how did we get here, and what comes next? Also on the agenda- EU relations with the Sahel, China, and Ethiopia, and the killing of protesters in Lebanon this week.
  • I4C Trouble with Daly and Wallace podcast

    EP 67 - Bulgaria to Belarus


    Clare reports back from her mission to Bulgaria, Mick and Clare discuss the I4C position on Belarus.They also talk about tax havens, the Pandora Papers and the EU’s hypocrisy in blacklisting certain Global South countries as tax havens while countries within the Union… including our own…. continue to engage in similar practices.They look at the International Criminal Court’s decision to pursue the Taliban for war crimes committed in Afghanistan- fair enough, but why the refusal to look at the crimes of the US or Afghan armies?Finally Mick fills us in on recent developments in Tigray, Ethiopia.
  • I4C Trouble with Daly and Wallace podcast

    EP 66 - The Strongly Worded Letter


    So many issues, so little time. This week Clare and Mick are taking us through a whole range of recent events in the Parliament and beyond, most notably the letter that they wrote to the CEO of Portuguese bank Novo Banco calling on the bank to release Venezuelan funds for medicines and vaccines.They’re also talking about the attempted arrest of Catalan MEP Carles Puigdemont, a visit to Brussels by a group of Irish people affected by the mica building blocks scandal, last week’s elections in Russia and Germany, the persecution of journalist Algirdas Paleckis in Lithuania, and finally, how best to tackle methane emissions.
  • I4C Trouble with Daly and Wallace podcast

    Ep 65 - Great, European Values!


    This week Mick and Clare are in Strasbourg and they’re discussing Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and her speech on the “state of the union”… the absolute state of it is right.We’re talking hypocrisy, fortress Europe and “Great European Values”.

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