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(Ep. 134) Sally Helgesen: Inclusion is a behavior, not a belief

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Inclusion isn't a belief - it's a behavior. To create a truly inclusive workplace, we need to act our way into new thinking. In Episode 134, Sally Helgesen shows us how our actions shape our attitudes and why trainings alone rarely bring desired results. Sally explores two triggers that get in the way of meaningful relationships, provides tactics that help us overcome divisiveness, and shares ways that well-placed questions can drive career development and growth. After listening to Sally, you'll walk away with specific ways to foster inclusion at work so that teams can rise together.


Sally Helgesen is an internationally best-selling author, speaker and leadership coach. She's been cited by Forbes as the world’s premier expert on women’s leadership, has been inducted into the Thinkers50 Hall of Fame, and has worked with companies in 37 countries around the world. Sally's latest book is Rising Together:  How We Can Bridge Divides and Create a More Inclusive Workplace.

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