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(Ep. 130) Laura Gassner Otting: Get out of Wonderhell

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We imagine that success will feel exhilarating, liberating and fulfilling. So why do so many people experience the exact opposite when they finally achieve it? In Episode 130, Laura Gassner Otting explores the rollercoaster ride of success - an increased desire to do more, achieve more, and the swirling mix of uncertainty, self-doubt, anxiety and stress that follows. Laura shares practical tips for staying grounded and clear-eyed in the pursuit of our goals, offers suggestions for maintaining focus and clarity, and reveals the people in her inner circle who keep her hungry and humble. Success is a waypoint, not an endpoint - and after listening to Laura, you'll find your way to more success and satisfaction.


Laura Gassner Otting is an executive coach and the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of three books. She's a frequent contributor to Good Morning America, the TODAY Show, Harvard Business Review, and Oprah Daily.  She served as a Presidential Appointee in Bill Clinton’s White House where she helped shape AmeriCorps; founded, ran, and sold her own global search firm, and is a self-described "punch in the face wrapped in a warm hug." Her latest book is Wonderhell: Why Success Doesn't Feel as It Should, and What To Do About It.


Website: www.lauragassnerotting.com

Facebook: @heyLGO

Instagram: @heyLGO

Twitter: @heyLGO

LinkedIn: /in/heyLGO

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