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(Ep. 126) Jonah Berger: Use magic words

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We spend most of our day communicating, but spend far less time thinking about the significance of our words. In Episode 126, Jonah Berger returns to the show to share the power of "magic words" - how small shifts in everyday language can help us get the outcomes we want, from boosting voter turnout to increased helpfulness and around the house and stronger customer service. By appreciating how language works and how we can use it, and understanding the power of magic words, we can increase our impact in every aspect of our lives.


Jonah Berger is a Marketing Professor at Wharton, an internationally bestselling author, and a world‐renowned expert on change, word of mouth, social influence, consumer behavior, and how products, ideas, and behaviors catch on. Jonah's work has appeared in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Harvard Business Review and he's consulted for  organizations like Apple, Google, Nike, Amazon, GE, 3M, and The Gates Foundation. Jonah's most recent book is Magic Words: What to Say to Get Your Way.


Book: Magic Words

Book: The Catalyst: How to Change Anyone’sMind

LinkedIn: JonahBerger

Twitter: @j1berger

Website: JonahBerger.com

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