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(Ep. 120) Chris DeSantis: Managing generational differences at work

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Chances are you work with someone a generation above or below you. And chances are you find that person irritating, bewildering, or just utterly different. Generational friction causes all sorts of workplace headaches: team dysfunction, productivity drags and the occasional culture war. In Episode 120, Chris DeSantis offers sound and straightforward advice on managing across the generational divide. From mentorship and sharing feedback to recognizing and amplifying talent, Chris will help you see generational differences as a strength, not a liability -- and use those insights to create a healthier, more engaged workplace.


Chris DeSantis is a speaker, author, consultant, and co-host of the podcast, Cubicle Confidential. He's worked with global brands and companies like Adobe, Microsoft, Google and Abbot on ways to bridge the generational divide that leads to so many problems at work and is the author of Why I Find You Irritating: Navigating Generational Friction at Work.

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