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(Ep. 118) Patti Sanchez: Powerful presentations that stick

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Virtual presentations aren't going away anytime soon. In order to connect and communicate with online audiences, we need a plan and a process. As Chief Strategy Officer at Duarte, a leading communications firm, Patti Sanchez knows a thing or two about making powerful presentations. In today's episode, we explore ways to communicate online with impact, including:

  • Make the audience the hero with your "sparkline"
  • Grab and keep the audience's attention and keep them distraction-free
  • Maximize your message with "human tech" - your voice, pitch and expression


Patti Sanchez is the Chief Strategy Officer at Duarte, a leading communication firm whose clients include almost half of the top 50 brands, notable experts, respected causes, and global consulting firms. Patti is the co-author of Illuminate: Ignite Change Through Speeches, Stories, Ceremonies, and Symbols, and her latest book is Presenting Virtually: Communicate and Connect With Online Audiences.

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