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(Ep. 117) Oscar Trimboli: Become a deep listener

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Listening is a skill, a strategy and a practice -- and it's something we often get wrong. In Episode 117, Oscar Trimboli teaches us how to listen deeply for what is unsaid. We explore five levels of listening, identify four listener behaviors that interfere with understanding, and lay out specific techniques to improve our listening superpowers. Oscar presses Joe on his own listening habits and hang-ups, and they discuss the surprising discoveries that Oscar has made after studying listening for almost three decades. After listening to Oscar, you'll never listen quite the same again.


Oscar Trimboli is on a quest to create 100 million Deep Listeners. He's the host of the Apple award-winning podcast Deep Listening, has worked for and with some of the most admired brands in the world and is the author of How to Listen: Discover the Hidden Key to Better Communication.


Website: https://www.oscartrimboli.com/

Listening quiz: https://www.oscartrimboli.com/listeningquiz/

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