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(Ep. 116) Devora Zack: How thinkers and feelers can get along

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You've worked with all sorts of personality types. Get ready to get reacquainted with the "cactus" and the "snowflake" -- thinkers and feelers whose opposing styles often collide. In Episode 116, Devora Zack shows us how the rationale and sensitive can get along and even thrive side by side. We debunk popular myths and misconceptions about personality types, highlight useful ways to identify these styles in your workforce, explore ways to deal with team friction, and talk tips on giving effective feedback to others, regardless of their style.


Devora Zack is a best-selling author, global keynote speaker, and CEO of Only Connect Consulting, which provides leadership and team programs to clients like Smithsonian, Johns Hopkins Medical Institute, National Institutes of Health, John Deere, London Business School, Deloitte, Delta and many others. Her work appears regularly in the popular press, and she's the bestselling author of four books, most recently: The Cactus and the Snowflake: How the Logical and Sensitive Can Thrive Side by Side.

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