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Packy McCormick: How To Publish Your Best Ideas Online

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Packy McCormick is proof that writing online can attract real-world opportunities you never dreamed of. He went from 20 Substack subscribers to a $40 million venture fund — and he’s still growing. In this episode, we dive into the three main “how’s” of Packy’s growth. First, he has a distinct, unforgettable style. His business-meets-memes newsletter, Not Boring, has amassed 220,000+ subscribers because his “funny finance guy” flair gives him an edge. Not to mention, it all started when he took the first-ever cohort of Write of Passage. (I may be biased, but seriously, that’s when it started.) Next, Packy shares his domain expertise. He sees writing and investing as the perfect one-two punch. His goal? Share what he knows, and make a behind-the-scenes world accessible to the average audience. And finally, Packy adds value to his readers. Relentlessly. Not by telling them what to think, but by trying to change the way they think. In a world filled with Beta content — cheap entertainment that disappears in 24 hours — Packy creates Alpha content — quality work that has long-term relevance. Style. Expertise. Value. This is just a sneak-peek into our conversation. If you want to find your distinctiveness in a modern digital world, this episode is for you. SPEAKER LINKS: Website: Twitter: Newsletter: WRITE OF PASSAGE: Want to learn more about the next class Write of Passage? PODCAST LINKS: Website: Apple: Spotify: YouTube: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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