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Michael Mauboussin: How To Find Your Edge As A Writer

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Perhaps the best-kept secret of any writer is the ability to find inspiration in unconventional places. And that’s Michael Mauboussin in a nutshell. Investing, business, reading, writing, luck, skill — name a topic he’s passionate about, and he’s found a way to make money from it in his writing.  How? By subverting “The Curse of Knowledge.”  With his decades-long career on Wall Street, you’d think that reading Michael’s work would be like trying to learn Latin on the fly. But the opposite is true.  “I put my arm around the reader, and we gaze off into the world and say, “Let’s talk about what we see. Let’s make this concrete and interesting.”  No stuffy professionalism. No robotic jargon. While many of us writers see the ignorance of a reader as a handicap, Michael sees it as an opportunity. And as a result, he’s become a billboard for how to build a career around who you truly are and what you’re actually interested in.  In this episode, you’ll learn how to do the same. Come learn tactical writing and life instruction from one of Wall Street’s best and brightest.  SPEAKER LINKS:  Website: Books: Twitter: WRITE OF PASSAGE:  Want to learn more about the next class Write of Passage? Click here: PODCAST LINKS:  Website: YouTube: Apple: Spotify: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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