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I Met 20 of The World's Greatest Writers. Here's What I Learned.

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It’s the start of 2024 and to celebrate I thought I’d run through some of the best lessons I’ve picked up over the last 12 months. This past year has had over 20 episodes produced so there was a lot to choose from but I ended up settling on 8 insights from some of my favorite conversations both inside and outside of the podcast. Expect to learn how Tim Ferriss sets an extremely high/low quality bar, why Marc Andreessen uses a barbell approach to consume information, Kevin Kelly’s reason to be the only (not the best), how Riva Tez paints with words, why The Cultural Tutor won’t read anything from the past 50 years, how Tyler Cowen brings joy to his work, my thoughts on artificial intelligence, and much more… WRITE OF PASSAGE: Want to learn more about the next class Write of Passage? PODCAST LINKS: Website: Apple: Spotify: YouTube: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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