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Brie Wolfson: How Writing Builds Billion-Dollar Companies | How I Write Podcast

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Writing is thinking, which means it’s like lighter fluid for business growth.  Brie has played major roles at writing-rich companies like Stripe, and her expertise on writing-first culture is now used by giants like Amazon and Basecamp.  As she says: “Reality has a surprising amount of detail.” Writing illuminates all the interesting details worth pursuing. And as a result, companies who prioritize writing operate with impressive speed, intention, and rigor.  In this episode, Brie shares years of hard-won wisdom to expose how great writing sets companies apart. She explores the balance of writing vs. taking action; she breaks down the editing process better than a modern-day Maxwell Perkins; and she sheds light on the secret to great writing: your zone of obsession.  If you want to learn how to do the best writing of your life, and grow your company while you’re at it, this episode is for you.  SPEAKER LINKS:  Website: Twitter: Stripe Press: WRITE OF PASSAGE:  Want to learn more about the next class Write of Passage? Click here: PODCAST LINKS:  Website: YouTube: Apple: Spotify: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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