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Remember Trying to be Cool? (with Zora Bikangaga)

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On today's new episode, the Bayer siblings welcome their delightful friend, writer and actor Zora Bikangaga! They ask whether their childhood selves would have found their adult selves cool? (Spoiler alert: They can stay up as late as they want and eat candy whenever they want, so...) Plus, they get into the ways they tried to act cool as kids i.e. one overall strap down, enormous pants that made it hard to walk, etc. Along those lines, Zora gets into a prolonged prank he did in college that years later ended up making him a perfect fit for the "I Love That For You" writers room! Plus Jonah reminisces about his childhood days of listening to NYPD Blue like it was on the radio, and they dig into the controversy of showing Dennis Franz's bare butt on TV (Which obviously Jonah couldn't see, but could hear?) Finally, in a rousing game of CONGRATULATIONS, YOU PLAYED YOURSELF: PRODUCT EDITION, the trio discusses what they will miss most out of the recently discontinued Starry Soda, McDonald’s McCafé baked goods or—the only one most of them remember—Fruit Striped Gum. So be cool and listen to this episode!!

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