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Remember The Flintstones? (with Jessica St. Clair)

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This week the Bayer siblings are thrilled to welcome their friend, writer, actress and comedian Jessica St. Clair! They're talking about all of their favorite shows from growing up, from the simple yet enviable lifestyle portrayed on "The Flintstones" to the more exclusive one we'd watch on "Beverly Hills 90210" (obvi we relate more to the former.) Plus, we talk about how much Vanessa loved having The Rock host her last episode of SNL, and the time Jessica had a beautiful Kardashian run-in when she least expected it. And speaking of celebrity encounters, we dish on The First Todd being recognized recently while getting his car fixed! And if that isn't exciting enough, we also get into the time Jessica appeared on one of Vanessa's favorite tv genres, a soap opera, and was not asked back. Finally, in a rousing game of CONGRATULATIONS, YOU BAKED YOURSELF, we ask ourselves if we're most excited about the return of Pear Salad, Cracklin' Cornbread, or Pumpkin Chiffon Pie. You Yabba Dabba DO need to listen to this fantastic episode!!

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