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Remember Stouffer's Frozen Dinners? (with Brian Baker of Bad Religion)

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On today's new episode the Bayer siblings are thrilled to welcome Bad Religion guitarist, founding member of Minor Threat and self-professed chocoholic, Brian Baker! We're talking about sending out your own trading card as a holiday card, hanging out in junkyards (and playing in Junkyard) and of course, Stouffer's Frozen Dinners. From Mac and Cheese to French Bread Pizza so hard it will bread your teeth we defrost crucial frozen food facts, including some very funny lawsuits. Plus in a rousing game of CONGRATULATIONS, YOU BAKED YOURSELF, we're debating the merits of Classic Macaroni Salad with Ham, Pineapple Fluff and Tomato Soup Cake. Whether you're at home, in the car or just out going for A WALK, you gotta check out this awesome episode!

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