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Remember Saturday Morning Cartoons? (with Mike Wiebe)

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On today's new episode of HDWGW, the Bayer siblings are thrilled to welcome their friend Mike Wiebe! Not only is Mike the lead singer for awesome bands such as Drakulas, High Tension Wires and The Riverboat Gamblers, but he also grew up loving Saturday Morning Cartoons! We get into our fave cartoons, plus all the weird ones that featured celebrities and mostly totally bombed? And, how the "Say No To Drugs" ads that aired during the cartoons really didn't prepare us for the reality of what getting offered drugs is like at all? Plus, in Jonah's favorite new game, CONGRATULATIONS, YOU PLAYED YOURSELF: PRODUCT EDITION, the trio discuss the recent losses of Pastina Pasta, Raspberry Rally Girl Scout Cookies, and believe it or not, the Dunkaccino. We bet you're gonna love this episode, and that's not a GAMBLE, it's a guarantee. 

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