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Remember PBS Cover to Cover? (with Kyle Kinane)

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This week on the podcast, Vanessa and Jonah are joined by hilarious comedian and new friend, Kyle Kinane. Jonah tests out some of his pun-centric stand-up material, Kyle talks about his love of horror movies and is there anything scarier than running into a sweaty guy in a mosh pit? We also get into Kyle's topic, the PBS educational show Cover to Cover and how it informed his own forays into creative expression the same way that "Kids In The Hall" informed his discovery of comedy. We also play a round of CHANGE.DORK where we debate if microwaves should have a mute button, if society should stop judging people who eat cupcakes for breakfast and the underrated benefits of vanilla frosties and cheese pizza. Don't forget to pick up Kyle's new Bobcat Goldthwait-directed stand-up hour DIRT NAP HERE. It's the dreamsicle of comedy specials! 

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