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Remember Participation Trophies? (with A.J. Jacobs)

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On today's new episode the Bayer siblings are thrilled to welcome New York Times bestselling author and lifestyle-experiment master, A.J. Jacobs! They're talking all about childhood Participation Trophies, from the meaningful to the demeaning. Plus, humor that upset us as kids from the Trix Rabbit not getting his Trix to the Home Alone villians getting violently pranked by Kevin McCallister. A.J. also tells us the hilarious but intense way he broke his dried mango habit! But, wait, there's more! In a rousing game of CHANGE.DORK, we're talking games with this gaming extraordinaire, from (Rubik's) cubing being taught at school to Wordle having a theme. A.J. even has a great tip for playing Connections that really foiled the game's creator. We even read a petition by A.J. that he wrote while writing his fantastic new book, "The Year of Living Constitutionally," which is out now! Be sure sure to check it out! Order "The Year Of Living Constitutionally" HERE

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