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Remember LEGOs? (with Danny Tamberelli)

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On this week's episode of HOW DID WE GET WEIRD?, the Bayer siblings are thrilled to welcome Danny Tamberelli, who you may know as "Little" Pete Wrigley from the nostalgic Nickelodeon show "The Adventures of Pete & Pete," but did you know that he is in a punk band and also knows all this punk stuff that Jonah knows but Vanessa definitely does not? And speaking of, we talk about all the actors from nineties Nick shows that are now musicians and Vanessa offers to host a Nick Jam in her backyard! It's happening! We also discuss Little Pete hanging out with Big Pete in the hipster capital of the world in real life as well as Danny's LEGO collection with his son—and how the LEGO craze seems to be taking over the world?? Finally, in a personal game of CHANGE.ORG, we're talking about Subway selling garlic bread year round (why not??), Gary listening to Alice in Chains' "Jar Of Flies" EP (Get movin', Gary!) and most importantly, why won't they PLEASE release season 3 of "The Adventures of Pete & Pete" on DVD?? Danny has some inside intel, but you'll have to listen to find out!

Plus check out Danny and Kate Tamberelli's new book, "The First Date Prophecy: A Hilarious and Nostalgic Love Story," out now!

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