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Remember Jason Schwartzman Being The Absolute Best? (with Jason Schwartzman, Part 1)

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You know actor and musician Jason Schwartzman from his iconic roles in classic films like "Rushmore," "The Darjeeling Limited" and "Asteroid City," but did you also know he's one of the chillest and nicest people on the planet? On this episode of HOW DID WE GET WEIRD?, Vanessa and Jason reminisce about working together on the film "Polka King" and Vanessa's show "I Love That For You," Jason's relationships with his siblings and what it was like to recently play drums again live for the first time in twenty years. (You can check out this video of Jason playing the Phantom Planet song "California" with Alex Greenwald and Ben Kweller HERE.) We also talk about fitness habits, the power of going for walks and Jason's unexpected brush with achieving a state of maximum productivity and mental clarity for three weeks last September. If you enjoyed this episode you're in luck, because we will be releasing the second half of our epic conversation with Jason next week! 

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