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Remember Jason Schwartzman Being The Absolute Best? (with Jason Schwartzman, Part 2)

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On today's episode we're sharing Part 2 of our epic conversation with actor and musician Jason Schwartzman! We're talking about nostalgic record and prank stores, digging through our parents' basements and all the "Over the Hill" merch the Bayers' mom got for her 40th birthday. Plus, is Jason's mom the most intuitive gift giver ever? Or is he the most creative and artistic castmate ever? We also all workshop our Muppets impressions and talk about the evolution of Kermit The Frog from Muppet Babies to adulthood. Finally, in a rousing game of CHANGE.DORK, the trio debate the merits of vegan options at a prep school, moving all major holidays to Fridays and putting Animal on the cover of Modern Drummer Magazine. Trust us when we say you don't need a Staples "Easy" button to know that checking out this episode is a no-brainer!

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