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Remember Gym Class? (with Gwen Duchon)

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On today's new episode, the Bayer siblings are thrilled to welcome Vanessa's best friend since childhood, Gwen! They're talking about that nostalgic time when these BFF's met, from Gwen's "Talbots Kids" patterned turtlenecks to her patiently watching as Vanessa would act out commercials in her vanity mirror. Plus, Jonah and Gwen both took ballroom dancing in sixth grade but had very different signature styles (Jonah's included a lot of hair gel.) And, hear Gwen's take on being in the female-focused gym class "Body Fitness" with Jonah, a class that Jonah is still mad he had to take. Finally, in the impressive new game "CONGRATULATIONS, YOU PLAYED EACH OTHER" Vanessa finds out how much her brother and her best friend know each other, from bands Jonah was in to modeling jobs Gwen did and more, AND Vanessa gets to talk about herself a lot in the process. This friendship-filled episode is a must listen!

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