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Remember Being a Herb? (with Simon O'Connor of Modest Mouse)

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This week the Bayer siblings are thrilled to welcome their friend, musician Simon O'Connor! You may know Simon as the lead guitarist for Modest Mouse, touring bassist of MGMT and bassist/vocalist of Spiral Heads, but do you know if he's a total herb? Or if you are? Don't be so sure you can answer this question until the three of us define the personality characteristics of a herb and do our best herb impressions. Plus, we reminisce about having a Discman in the nineties: The time Jonah sold his Discman to Vanessa and then immediately took it back, the time Simon's discman was stolen by a former friend-turned-bully—and ponder if the Discman was even a good invention in the first place given all the skipping? Finally, in a rousing new game that was definitely named by Jonah, CONGRATULATIONS, YOU BAKED YOURSELF, we decide which of three culinary dishes we're most excited about making a comeback, despite never knowing any of them existed in the first place. So don't be a herb and check out this fantastic episode, and be sure to pre-order Simon's band Spiral Heads’ new album TIL I’M DEAD, which comes out this Friday! You can also learn more about Simon and his music over at his Instagram page. 

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