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✨ Metabolic Health Class + MetaPWR Kit Overview

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Enjoy this deep dive class into why we need a metabolic health awakening, the currrent metabolic health obstacles and an in depth overview of the new products in the doTERRA MetaPWR Kit that solve these issues.

This kit is an activator for your personal next level of wellness and personal power ✨

Purchase this kit at 25% off here: http://hol-fit.com/metawithange

With your purchase, you'll have immediate access to our new team META30 program which I review at the end of this class: http://hol-fit.com/meta30

📽️ If you would prefer to watch this class: https://youtu.be/rXLwQpwELC8



👉 Class Notes: http://bit.ly/hfmetanotes

👉 Join META30: http://hol-fit.com/meta30

👉 Free MetaPWR Course: http://training.doterra.com/p/metapwr

👉 doTERRA Usage Book for this kit: http://bit.ly/hfmetausage

👉 Product Info Pages/Ingredients: http://bit.ly/hfmetapips

👉 Testimonials Group: https://facebook.com/groups/395254146061094

👉 META30 Shop: http://hol-fit.com/meta30shop

👉 Biz Opportunity: http://hol-fit.com/partnerwithme

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