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Tales of Taboo

Ali Weiss

Tales of Taboo is an anonymous confessions show investigating - and celebrating - what happens behind closed doors. Forgoing the traditional interview podcast format, native New York actor and writer Ali Weiss (as seen on Vice) dissolves the boundaries between host and audience by creating episodes around THEIR unique experiences. Her listeners tell juicy, unadulterated stories about public scandals and private struggles, liberation and oppression, and the various ways they’ve navigated the darker corners of the human experience. Follow Ali on Instagram, Twitter & TikTok @aliweissworld.

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    #15 - SOLO: Ask Me Anything! (A Thank You Gift)


    Words can't describe how much you all mean to me, so as a big "THANK YOU so f*cking much for listening to this show" I'm letting you ASK ME ANYTHING! Some submitted questions include: What's my biggest regret? What makes me uncomfortable? What would people be surprised to learn about me? Am I bisexual? And most importantly, have I ever done drugs with a celebrity? I answer it all, and much more, candidly. Happy Thanksgiving, my Angels. Send any further invasive inquiries to my DM @aliweissworld, and show me you love me back by leaving an iTunes rating & review <3Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands
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    #14 - The Fashion Industry, Part 1


    Whose boss lied that her dad was getting chemo to cover up an extramarital affair? What major media conglomerate made their employees survive off $19,000/year in NYC? Where does being over a size 6 and an A cup make you "fat?" Which famous designer refused to pay for $100,000 worth of samples?It's a juicy one this week, Angels: our anonymous contributors went to hell and back in the exploitative, discriminatory, and deeply unglamorous Fashion Industry. With the help of DeuxMoi, I found ex-employees of American Eagle, Aurora James, Cynthia Rowley, Free People, Lingua Franca, and Vogue West Coast (where LC and Whitney Port worked on The Hills!), plus some others I've been begged not to name.From body shaming to illicit sex, dreamy parties to nightmare celebrity clients, criminally low salaries and even lower self-esteem - plus an incredible moment between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West - turns out fashion is everything and nothing you thought it would be. Stay tuned for Part 2 next week...Follow Ali on Instagram, Twitter, & TikTok @aliweissworld. Love letters, hate notes, and your own confessions to [email protected] Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands
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  • Tales of Taboo podcast

    #13 - SOLO: My Time at Barstool Sports


    Before Alex Cooper, Sofia Franklyn, and Call Her Daddy, before Ellie Schnitt and Brianna LaPaglia (Chickenfry), before Ria Ciuffo & Fran Mariano had their show Chicks In The Office, there was one chick in the Barstool Sports offices...and it was me.In 2016/17, at 23, I was the only female contestant in "Barstool Idol." What was described as a competition-based search for the company's next big "talent" ended up being an exploitation fest live-streamed on Facebook & Periscope. I genuinely thought I'd be the perfect person to jumpstart their female-driven content - and had a thick enough skin to do it - but left (or, actually, got fired) feeling so humiliated that I swore I'd never talk about it again...until now. You can send all hate notes to [email protected] I just dare you to beat "Pretty decent looking chick, but serious question: Do NYC girls not pluck/wax their eyebrows? I can't stop staring at those Anthony Davis brows." Instagram/Twitter/TikTok: @aliweissworldAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands
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    #12 - Paranormal Activity


    Happy Halloween, Degenerate Angels! My favorite time of year!! To celebrate, this week we've got a fascinating collection of anonymous stories about our listeners' spooky, WILD encounters with the Paranormal. Ghosts, UFOs, suspicious rotating orbs, lanky men in black top hats (the Babadook?) - you name it, you'll hear about it. While I myself have never had an encounter with non-earthly beings, I fully support each contributor's experience. There's so much in this life that's beyond our understanding - who actually knows if aliens exist or something cool happens to our spirits when we die?! No one. So whether or not you believe in it all, I hope you'll listen with an open mind and heart. If nothing else, knock the lights off, grab some candy, and enjoy the ride :)Follow Ali on Instagram, Twitter, & TikTok @aliweissworld. Love letters, hate notes, and your own horror stories to [email protected] Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands
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    #11 - Ravers, PLUR Culture, & The EDM Scene


    I did artist interviews at a camping music festival last month, and it was the first time I’ve ever attended a multi-day rave. Truthfully? It freaked me out. I went to Ultra Music Festival in Miami for 2 years in high school and plenty of concerts and after hours parties since. But the older I get, the more baffled I become by how large-scale electronic music events, specifically engineered for drug usage, sensory overload, and escapism, have become multi-million dollar businesses in countries all over the world. The age of our anonymous Raver contributors varies from teens to 40s; it’s a mixed bag of traditional folks with corporate jobs, escapees of repressive, sheltered, or painful childhoods, and “misfit” stereotypes of the subculture. Some say the slogan of Peace Love Unity Respect is total delusion, wearing off with the Molly and Acid; others say it’s brought them friends that have become family. Some attend to enrich their lives, others to commemorate deaths. Almost all admit that drugs are a central part of the experience.While each contributor was asked the same question - are raves productive utopias, or dangerous alternate realities? - their answers, like their backgrounds and motivations, vary greatly. Strap in for a wild trip. Written submissions start at 16:37, audio submissions at 32:47. If you have a heart, leave an iTunes rating & review. Follow Ali on Instagram, Twitter, & TikTok @aliweissworld; love letters & hate notes to [email protected] Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands
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    #10 - Influencers Talk Sororities (feat. Alyssa Schoener, Becca Moore, and Eli Rallo)


    It’s our last day of Recruitment, b*tches! To cap off a week of all things sorority culture, here are 2 interviews with 3 loud & proud women on social media - Alyssa Schoener (Twitter: @Alyssa_Schoener), Becca Moore (TikTok: @becccamooore), and Eli Rallo (TikTok: @thejarr) - who have openly spoken out against Greek Life through their various platforms. Alyssa went to University of Alabama (massive Greek system) & Becca to Ohio (small), but both of them were essentially tricked into joining houses they had nothing in common with. They talk to me about the reasoning behind their platinum blond makeovers, the insane standard of “beauty” at their respective schools, and reinventing themselves socially and economically. Eli was a student at the University of Michigan, where she dropped out of her top sorority quickly. Years later, she wrote an exposé on the racist, sexist, and classist undercurrents of Greek Life (throughout history) for her school’s paper — which has a readership of over 50,000 people!! We chat about struggling to be the odd girl out, journalistic freedom, and how doing the “right” thing isn’t always so black and white. Don’t forget to listen to the solo episode telling my full sorority story (including getting kicked out in a school-wide “scandal”) & anonymous confession episode detailing *actual* hazing, racism, and sexual assault scandals! JUICY!!Follow Ali on Instagram, Twitter, & TikTok @aliweissworld. Love letters, hate notes, and your own confessions to [email protected] Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands
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    #9 - Your Sorority Confessions


    You heard my story, so now it's your turn: SORORITY CONFESSIONS, Part 2. And they’re WAY juicier than mine. First, we have written submissions (3:16), from the former Vice President of Recruitment from my sorority (!) dishing SO MUCH tea about how Rush really works and her blocked attempts at inclusivity; plus a former Delta Gamma from the University of Southern California and Alpha Sigma Alpha from University of Central Missouri. Audio notes (22:49), in order - old world values and fraudulent identity at University of South Carolina; a bottom tier sorority member at an unnamed Southeastern Conference school; another bottom tier member at the equally massive and frat-fanatical University of Michigan; a mixed race girl in a white, blonde top house at Chapman; extreme hazing stories from an unnamed SUNY; fake hazing (and very real date rape drugging) at San Diego State; real-ass hazing at a liberal arts school in Upstate New York; anecdotes from a Rush chair at an unnamed Division 1 southern school; and a postgrad traveling “consultant” who oversaw rush across the nation - and can confirm that racism, classism, and discrimination in Greek Life trickles down from the very top. Term Key: “PNM”= Potential New Member and is the same as a “Rushee.” Pref Day is the last day of the process where PNMs get matched with active members with (ideally) similar personalities, who try and convince them to choose that house. “Panhellenic” is an umbrella organization for 26 national women's sororities throughout the United States and Canada. If I missed anything, just DM me and ask. Follow Ali on Instagram, Twitter, & TikTok at aliweissworld. Flashback stories, love letters, and hate notes can be sent to [email protected]“Greek life prioritizes the societal ideal of perfection and reinstates an age-old concept that the rich, white, thin, and beautiful are the elite. If the ‘best’, most desirable Greek organizations on campus are full of white, thin, and beautiful individuals, what is that saying on who and what we value in American society?”Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands
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    #8 - SOLO: [Getting Kicked Out Of] My Sorority


    THE RUMORS ARE TRUE. I, Princess of Taboo, professional rule breaker, and champion of individualism, am a former member of Alpha Phi: the hottest, blondest, whitest sorority on my California college campus. Even more shocking? I absolutely loved it.That is, until I got kicked out. For my first solo episode, I take you through the highs and lows of my 2.5 years in Greek Life as the only New Yorker in a microcosm of "Trump's America." From rushing (in club clothes) and skyrocketing to the top of the social ladder overnight to crashing down in a school-wide scandal that ultimately got me terminated, it was never simple.And neither were - are - the ethics. My sorority showed me female love and loyalty that I never thought possible, but within a system that's classist, discriminatory, and exclusionary. In "finding a home," I lost myself, and became a part of a much larger societal problem.Follow Ali on Instagram, Twitter, & TikTok @aliweissworld. Email her at [email protected] Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands
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    #7 - Inside the Mind of a Mentalist (feat. Jason Suran)


    I'm a total slut for a good magic trick. Why are magicians widely considered to be the lowest (and lamest) form of artist when they're gifted physical performers, intuitive empaths, AND shameless, convincing liars all in one? It's time everyone sees them as the creative, manipulative geniuses they are.This week I'm joined by the very funny and wise Jason Suran (@jasonsuran), a mentalist and master of psychological illusions who's been hired by everyone from national strip club chains to Yale University to the United States Pentagon. Ever want to get inside the mind of someone who reads them for a living? Here's your chance. After listening, watch him (successfully) read my mind on my IGTV!Please remember to rate, review, and most importantly share with people you love (or, even better, hate). Follow Ali on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok @aliweissworld. More about Jason can be found at jasonsuran.com.Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands
  • Tales of Taboo podcast

    #6 - Sugar Babies & Dating-For-Pay


    What leads people to pay, and accept money, for physical and emotional intimacy? Are Sugar Babies sex workers, or are they just girlfriends of rich men who get “spoiled” as part of the courtship? This week, we find out.Our Babies met their Daddies on websites and in workplaces and backyards. One was involved with a foreign film producer who took her to Cannes and the famous AMFAR Gala; another got lured into the dating-for-pay game by the founder of Seeking Arrangements himself, Brandon Wade. One had a Daddy pay off $30,000 in credit card debt; another is currently getting $5,000 a date, JUST to tie guys to beds. We even hear from a Baby who’s currently engaged to her former Daddy!Whether ultimately feeling empowered or ashamed, all of our contributors admit it’s an easy world to enter, and difficult to leave. Because yeah - the money, and the sex, are THAT good. (Written submissions start 9:15, audio submissions start 28:42)Follow Ali on Instagram, Twitter, & TikTok @aliweissworld.Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands

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