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Staring contest between you and a blank page... Ready? Set? GO! 

None of us enjoy the feeling of knowing we have something to share yet being unable to put what's in our brain into words on a page. Whatever our personal obstacles are, this episode of Grey Matters will reset your thinking and help you believe that writing whatever is inside you is possible. 

Often we get stuck on believing that writing something as intensive and, well, as big as a book should be something that just comes out ready for the world. Yet we wouldn't think that way about baking a cake or raising a child, would we? The best things take time, effort, work, and (when possible) tweaking all along the way. 

Steve talks to guest Vicki McLeod - award-winning writer, coach, and entrepreneur - all about how she breaks writing down into three main areas, and then into three main themes, and then into three main topics... You get a bit of an idea of how she tackles writing major projects, and thus how you can make your writing possible a bit more digestible than daunting. 

Get in your mind the writing project you've been putting off for far too long and get ready to "break the log jam" with this episode of the Grey Matters podcast!

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