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Nikki Trott

Discover new ways to live a more conscious life of fulfilment, freedom and impact from visionary entrepreneurs. The Going Conscious podcast brings you weekly conversations with entrepreneurs who have left unfulfilling lives behind and created meaning, prosperity and impact in this new world where purpose drives success. Those who are transforming themselves and helping to transform the world, on their terms. Through the lens of conscious entrepreneurship expert Nikki Trott, together let’s deepen our understanding of ourselves, challenge our assumptions and unleash our unique journeys to the fullest, leaving a positive legacy. #LiveYourFreedom

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    #60 From fame to mindset mastery: How to show up as your best self with Cyia Batten


    A spiritual teacher, transformation and mindset mentor, Cyia came to this work after a storied career in entertainment, fashion and wellness - including as an original Pussycat Doll and Hollywood actor. She has now built her reputation upon her words, “we rise together” and recently launched THE 16 DAY RESET: an introductory journey toward mindset mastery and personal empowerment.   In this episode we talk about how to choose to show up as your best self, why we have many purposes, the importance of fantasies, how to change your language and rewrite your story, and divine inspiration.   If you haven’t already, check out episode #25 with Cyia, where we talk about her incredible, inspiring and very personal journey from fame to spiritual awakening.   Discover show notes, Cyia’s book recommendation and more on www.goingconscious.com.   Connect with Cyia:Instagram @cyiawww.cyiabatten.com   Connect with Nikki:Instagram & Clubhouse @nikkitrottLinkedIn Nikki Trottwww.consciousaccelerator.com
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    #59 From marketing to vegan business: How to grow your vision with Stephanie Redcross West


    As the Founder and Managing Director of Vegan Mainstream since 2009, Stephanie is a trailblazer in the vegan business world. As a result, Vegan Mainstream is known as an invaluable resource for business coaching and marketing strategy for vegan business owners.   In this episode we talk about how to identify who you are here to help and be patient enough to let your vision grow. We talk about how to create goals anchored in time, how to align marketing with purpose, how to get comfortable with your numbers in business and why success means freedom.   Discover show notes, Stephanie’s book recommendation and more on www.goingconscious.com.   Connect with Stephanie:Instagram @veganmainstreamLinkedIn Stephanie Redcrosswww.veganmainstream.com   Connect with Nikki:Instagram & Clubhouse @nikkitrottLinkedIn Nikki Trottwww.consciousaccelerator.com
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  • Going Conscious podcast

    #58 From near-death to psychedelics: Shifting your reality and business with Marcus Druen


    Marcus is a change choreographer for complex change in business. He helps leaders and entrepreneurs be more audacious as their companion and sparring partner. He also hosts the Leading Audacious Change podcast. In this episode we talk about how Marcus discovered psychedelics after a near-death experience, how they helped him realise he needed to do his own thing and his project to create a psychedelic map for change in business. We talk about shifting to collaboration, bridging cutting-edge research with ancient wisdoms, how to change your reality, principles of integration and how to transcend from exploitation to regeneration.   Discover show notes, Marcus’ book recommendation and more on www.goingconscious.com.   Connect with Marcus:LinkedIn Marcus Druenwww.psychedelicmapforchange.com   Connect with Nikki:Instagram & Clubhouse @nikkitrottLinkedIn Nikki Trottwww.consciousaccelerator.com
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    #57 From advertising to entrepreneurship: Taking the leap to care and impact with Jessica Barlow


    Jessica is a social impact entrepreneur who started two businesses during the pandemic. The first, Sunday Care Therapy, is disrupting the care industry in London. The second, No Agency Method, is teaching DIY PR to startups. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she moved to London to attend art school at Central Saint Martins and worked in Advertising and Tech Marketing for a decade before taking the leap into entrepreneurship.   We worked together in fashion advertising about 10 years ago, and I’ve loved seeing how Jessica’s journey has evolved since.   In this episode we caught up and I got to ask her all about her new business Sunday Care Therapy and what it was like to quit the easy route and make such a big pivot. We talk about how burnout is a gift, why things happen for a reason, using tech for good, surrendering to what you can’t control, and how to realise your own ability.   Discover show notes, Jessica’s book recommendation and more on www.goingconscious.com.   Connect with Jessica:Instagram @noagencymethodLinkedIn Jessica Barlowwww.sundaycaretherapy.com   Connect with Nikki:Instagram & Clubhouse @nikkitrottwww.nikkitrott.com
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    #56 From Beusuch to Beusail: Big business as a force for good with Tamara Loehr


    Tamara is an award-winning 8-figure entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Beusail and ethical beauty and wellness Founder. She believes in Business as a Force for Good and is on a mission to: Inspire more businesses to make a positive impact Encourage more women to take the leap to ethical entrepreneurship   I’m excited to announce that I have recently joined Beusail as a partner and strategist where we are working together to empower women to make ethical purchasing decisions, take the leap into entrepreneurship and join an aligned, conscious community to deepen their spiritual growth. As you will hear, we have a big vision to impact millions. It's incredible to join forces with founders who lead with values.   In this episode we talk about why there is a lack of females founding $20M+ businesses and how we are working to change this, how to use business for good, why there is no such thing as mistakes - only lessons, why you’re not a success in business if you fail at home, how to claim your power to make ethical purchasing decisions, why people are done with corporate soulless jobs, why you need a community you serve before selling products, and why success is making a difference.   Discover show notes, Tamara’s book recommendation and more on www.goingconscious.com.   Connect with Tamara:Instagram & Clubhouse @tamaraloehrwww.beusail.com - join a gathering!   Connect with Nikki:Instagram & Clubhouse @nikkitrottwww.nikkitrott.com
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    #55 From corporate to mission: Humanising health and business with Lee Chambers


    Lee Chambers is a British psychologist, coach and founder of Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing. He has been interviewed by Vogue, Newsweek and the BBC. Through a diverse journey, including working in elite sports and corporate finance, running a European videogame business, and losing the ability to walk, he has found clarity in his mission. That mission is to empower others to value their health and live with meaning. He is now on the pathway to positively impact the health and happiness of 1 million adults and children.   In this episode we talk about how losing his ability to walk aided Lee in finding his mission, how to learn to listen, humanising health and business, why health is about compounding decisions, why food is not inherently good or bad, and why Lee must be human himself first to be able to impact 1 million others.   Discover show notes, Lee’s book recommendation and more on www.goingconscious.com.   Connect with Lee:www.essentialise.co.uk www.leechambers.org   Connect with Nikki:Instagram @nikkitrottwww.nikkitrott.com
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    #54 Bonus: Pregnancy, birth and beyond 10 minute guided meditation with Nikki Trott


    In this special episode we bring you a short guided meditation for pregnancy, birth and beyond to help you to connect with yourself and the baby, and charge your power, confidence and ability to surrender to the change happening.   I invite you to give yourself these 10 minutes each day to intentionally sit with the baby you are growing and nurturing and to charge your strength and inner knowing.   I wrote and recorded this meditation at 6 months pregnant myself, based on what I have learned and the intentions that are helping to underpin my own conscious pregnancy journey so far.   This meditation is set to music using Alpha waves to help you enter a deeper meditative state, bringing you calm, mind-body integration and learning.   Discover podcast notes, all episodes, book recommendations and more on www.goingconscious.com.   Connect with Nikki: Instagram @nikkitrott www.nikkitrott.com Sign up to the free 7 day Mini Mastermind to accelerate your growth as a conscious entrepreneur at www.consciousaccelerator.com
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    #53 From plant medicine to conception: Our journeys discovering conscious pregnancy with Marion Bott


    Marion is a dear friend of mine who is also pregnant and we have been sharing this unexpected journey together. This episode is special! For two reasons - because it’s our one year anniversary since the very first episode of Going Conscious, and because I welcome Marion back to Going Conscious to talk about our experiences of pregnancy so far. We talk about the lessons we have learned which apply far beyond pregnancy to life in general.   Marion is a French-German writer, actress and dreamcoach. She creates conscious films which reimagine female role models, celebrate diversity and promote a holistic culture of filmmakers. Her prolific writing includes a self-help book called “wild creator”, a feature movie and funded TV series pilots. Marion teaches creative writing at university, her own Wild Writers course (which I can say is brilliant), and is a dreamcoach, harnessing the potential to listen to our soul through dreams.    In this episode we talk about the incredible journeys we both experienced where plant medicine guided both of our conception journeys in ways beyond our rational comprehension. We talk about how we realised we had no idea how to consciously move through pregnancy, surrendering to the body as it creates new life, discovering relationship attachment styles and taking radical action, why conscious pregnancy means facing your own shadows, moving from head to womb and finding out that we are both more ourselves now than we have ever been before (counter to our expectations).   Discover show notes, Marion’s book recommendation and more on www.goingconscious.com.   Connect with Marion:Instagram @mamagicmarionwww.mamagic.lovewww.marionbott.art   Connect with Nikki:Instagram @nikkitrottwww.nikkitrott.com
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    #52 From baseball bats to conscious capitalism: Giving yourself permission to change with Sebastian Naum


    Sebastian is a multi-faceted bi-lingual and bi-cultural entrepreneur specializing in digital marketing and international business development. He is the Founder of Go Global Agency, a cultural brand adaptation agency that helps international brands grow in America with a focus on branding and performance marketing. On his podcast, “Conscious Profits | Unfiltered”, he interviews intentional leaders and entrepreneurs about his passion for conscious capitalism. Through this content and public speaking, he educates audiences on all things marketing and inspires people to implement purpose into their profit models.   In this episode we talk about the process of building consciousness into your business and life, how Seb got from baseball bats to conscious capitalism, cutting useless actions, how to be truly authentic and professional, how to give yourself permission to change and how to create a financially free life. Discover show notes, Sebastian’s book recommendation and more on www.goingconscious.com.   Connect with Sebastian:Instagram @sebnaumwww.sebastiannaum.com   Connect with Nikki:Instagram @nikkitrottwww.nikkitrott.com
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    #51 From vet to entrepreneur: Raising female voices in podcasting with Naomi Mellor


    Naomi is a multi-faceted podcaster, presenter, entrepreneur and veterinary surgeon. A passionate advocate of raising the voices of women in podcasting, she is the founder of the Skylark Collective and the International Women’s Podcast Awards. Her career as a vet has taken her to the South Pacific, Australia, the USA, Newmarket and beyond. Her first podcast, Smashing The Ceiling, tells the stories of women with unusual and inspiring careers, and Naomi also hosts two other successful veterinary podcasts.    In this episode we talk about Naomi’s dream since she was 3 years old to become a vet, and how when she got there she realised it wasn’t her path for the future. We also talk about Naomi’s passion for raising female voices in podcasting and her new business, the Skylark Collective. We talk about Naomi’s career as a horse specialist working all over the world, human animal relationships, pushing and pulling energetics, creating a space for women to raise each other up in podcasting, how to let go of the version of success you thought you wanted and that others perceive to be success for you, how to accept your need for self development, and how to live with less doing and more being.   Discover show notes, Naomi’s book recommendation and more on www.goingconscious.com.   Connect with Naomi:Instagram @theskylarkcollectivewww.skylarkcollective.co.uk   Connect with Nikki:Instagram @nikkitrottwww.nikkitrott.com  

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