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28 Weeks Later

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Taking one last break from the list, the guys start the recurring series And Now for Something Completely Similar by discussing the sequel 28 Weeks Later. They talk about the movie being way better than expected, the Hitchcock-esque twist about 40 minutes in, all of the before-they-were-stars actors showing up, the innovative day-for-night shooting technique and much more.   Next week: a discussion of another movie revolving around The Troubles in Ireland. Questions? Comments? Suggestions? You can always shoot us an e-mail at [email protected]   Full List: Facebook: Twitter: Our logo was designed by the wonderful Mariah Lirette ( 28 Weeks Later stars Jeremy Renner, Rose Byrne, Harold Perrineau, Imogen Poots, Catherine McCormack and Robert Carlyle; directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. Is It Streaming? USA: available to rent Canada: Disney+ and available to rent UK: Disney+ and available to rent Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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