EXP. Share: Pokémon Play Podcast podcast

EXP. Share: Pokémon Play Podcast

Josh Fjelstad & Tanner Greenring

Two longtime friends and Pokémon fans play every generation of Pokémon game, gym by gym. Now playing Pokémon Black & White.

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  • EXP. Share: Pokémon Play Podcast podcast

    Pinwheel Forest, Skyarrow Bridge, Castelia City, Castelia Gym (#088)


    We hope you missed our segments because this episode's chock full of 'em—and a couple of Seinfjeld "zingers," too. After all, this week our aspiring comedian and aspiring trash collector reach the Big Applin: Castelia City. Will Joshua catch his big break? Will Mr. Keepsies finally pick up enough garbage to fill out his team? Is Burgh a gay icon? And why is the Ranger trainer type so sexy? (Or is that just us?) Notes: Got a bit of a Tangela problem down there? Give Manscaped's Lawn Mower 4.0 a whirl! AND, get 20% off your order and free shipping with promo code EXPSHARE at Manscaped.com!
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    The Dreamyard, Route 3, Wellspring Cave, Nacrene City, & Basic Badge (#087)


    With the Cut HM in hand, Joshua & Mr. Keepsies take down the Team Plasma grunts who were beating up a Munna for its sweet, sweet dream juice. So much for "liberating" Pokémon. From there, they head north and encounter a bunch of little pukes who challenge them to battle, shortly before they once again get accosted by Plasma grunts who've made off with one of Bianca's Pokémon. In hot pursuit, they venture into Wellspring Cave and are bombarded by an astoundingly lazy and ugly new 'mon, many of which must be dispatched before they can head west to Nacrene City to face off against Gym Leader Lenora. Notes: Keep your Nosepasses clean and tidy with Manscaped, our first official sponsor! Get 20% off your order and free shipping with promo code EXPSHARE at Manscaped.com!
  • EXP. Share: Pokémon Play Podcast podcast

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  • EXP. Share: Pokémon Play Podcast podcast

    [Pokémon Black/White] Nuvema Town, Route 1, Accumula Town, Route 2, & Striaton City (#086)


    With the Lillipup days of summer now well behind them, the podcast titans are finally back with a whole new season, a new region, and brand spanking new ‘mon. Find out whose journeys you’ll be following through Unova as Josh & Tanner introduce their new characters, set forth from Nuvema Town, give their first (well, Josh’s second) impressions of the New York-themed landscape, and take on Striaton City’s Gym Leaders: three battling brother-chefs, of course. Notes: Keep your Nosepasses clean and tidy with Manscaped, our first official sponsor! Get 20% off your order and free shipping with promo code EXPSHARE at Manscaped.com!
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    Chasing Waterfalls / Climbing Rocks: Elite Four Rematch, Cerulean Cave, Mt. Silver, &c. (Ft. David Sims) #085


    Sauntering out of Professor Oak's Lab, Stanner & Will N. Testament run into a figure of legend, Gringus. David Sims joins to wrap up HeartGold/SoulSilver in a nice bow (and a battle). They chase waterfalls, aka in this gen, climb rocks; rematch against the Elite Four; catch or kill Mewtwo; fight Red/Gary/Bad Josh/Mr. Squirt; and see what happens in the final battle of season 4. Who will retain (or obtain) EXP. Share's IP? Notes: Follow Gringus—sorry, we mean—David Sims sharing his experiences @davidlsims and on his podcast, @blankcheckpod!
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    Mt. Moon, Viridian City, Pallet Town, Route 21, Cinnabar Island, Route 20, Seafoam Islands, Volcano Badge, & Earth Badge (#084)


    Stanner & Will N. Testament make their way east from Pewter City to witness the Clefairy blood ritual or whatever over on Mt. Moon before heading south to complete their Kanto gym badge collection. In Pallet Town, they pay tribute to the legendary Captain Mr. Squirt and Joshua, whose absence leads them to search for them on the destroyed Cinnabar Island. There, they find nothing other than a Pokémon Center and Joshua, who is uh, "training deep in the mountains." He won't fight them until they get Blaine's badge, so they head east to Seafoam where they crush him as well as the beautiful Articuno—now deceased. Finally, Joshua agrees to take them on, which they do in Viridian City (after narrowly escaping being slaughtered, once again, by a random trainer in the vein of Ace Trainer Kevin).
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    Cycling Road, Fuchsia City, Soul Badge, Routes 12-15, Diglett's Cave, Route 2, Viridian Forest, Pewter City, & Boulder Badge (#083)


    The boys strike out west from Celadon toward Cycling Road, and it's all downhill from there. Tanner's sirens go off right out of the gate, when he encounters a vacationing man with a disturbing message, while Josh faces an identity crisis after meeting Pokéfan Joshua. Oh yeah, and they take on the invisible walls in Janine's gym in Fuchsia City, which were honestly tougher than her and Brock over in Pewter City. Then, Josh & Tanner decide to battle just for the hell of it.
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    Lavender Town, Route 10, Rock Tunnel, Power Plant, Route 9, Cerulean City, Cascade Badge, Route 7, Celadon City, & Rainbow Badge (Ft. Anthony Smith) #082


    The recently defeated by Ace Trainer Kevin League Champions finally figure out how to traverse Kanto in the proper order, certainly thanks in part to their friend Anthony Smith coming back on the pod for guidance. The trio takes a bit of a roundabout route to find the Power Plant's Machine Part, along the way discovering that Kanto is maybe a police state and also anti-immigrant. Then, Josh & Tony bumble their way through the Rock Tunnel, while Tanner (smartly) skips it entirely, ending up in Lavender Town on the other side. It's a short jaunt before they head west to find out if that creepy old man is still leering at Celadon City Gym's women trainers, where they get lost for a [redacted] amount of time before defeating Erika and swiftly heading back to Cerulean to crush Misty as well. Finally, we find out if EXP. Share will retain its IP or have to hand it over to Anthony "Bud Light" Smith. Notes: As always, thanks Tony for joining us. You can, and should, follow him on Twitter @AnthonyBLSmith!
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    S.S. Aqua, Vermilion City, Thunder Badge, Route 6, Saffron City, Marsh Badge, Route 5, & Routes 24-25 (#081)


    "We" made a mistake with the Kanto gym order and so this week, we're covering the journey over from Johto on the fast ship S.S. Aqua—where Stanner & Will N. Testament search for an errant girl and lazy sailors. Once back on dry land in Vermilion City, they survey the beautiful harbor but quickly discover that otherwise, the town hasn't changed much in three years. The Machop are still stomping around the empty lot, not building anything, and the Pokémon Fan Club Chairman is still lusting after his Rapidash. After raiding Lt. Surge's trash and short-circuiting his team, they head north to take on Sabrina in Saffron... and then take a misguided respite on the Cerulean Cape where they both bond over a shared trauma from an unexpected source.
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    Route 45, Dark Cave, Route 46, Whirl Islands / Bell Tower, Route 27, Tohjo Falls, Route 26, Victory Road, & Elite Four (Ft. Alex Bugg) #080


    The boys are back in town—literally, in Josh's case being back on the air, and figuratively as Stanner & Will N. Testament roll into New Bark Town after taking on the slopes south of Blackthorn City. They're joined by Alex Bugg, a Bugg Catcher and host of Gotta Snatch 'Em All, whose character Vino adds some sophisticated commentary on worldly wines, and wine moms. The trio could use a bottle or two after this long leg. They discover a disturbing new fact about Dunsparce; take on the Legendary Birds and serve them to the Kimono Girls; find a surprising hidden room in Tohjo Falls; grind it out in Victory Road; and fight the Elite Four (well, it's Elite Five really). And finally, of course, the boys battle for ownership of their respective podcast IPs. Notes: Do yourselves a favor and check out Alex's show Gotta Snatch 'Em All wherever you catch your podcasts, as well as @gottasnatchemal on Twitter and @gottasnatchemall.pod on Instagram! Every episode is wonderful, but especially the ones with Josh, Fionnuala, and Tony. ;)  Also, OOPS! We're doing Vermilion City and Saffron City Gyms next week!
  • EXP. Share: Pokémon Play Podcast podcast

    The Baby-Sitters EXP. #003 - Pokémon: Journey to the Orange Islands


    This week, Josh couldn’t be bothered to show up for the record because he said he had to “carefully” move his “babies” which I think is what he calls his collection of pewter dragons. Instead, Tanner is joined by his OTHER, more reliable co-host, Jack Shepherd, for a discussion of the first Pokémon young readers book, “Pokémon: Journey to the Orange Islands.” Assuming all goes well with Josh’s babies, we’ll be back next week to take on the Elite Four in Pokémon SoulSilver and HeartGold.

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