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Eventual Millionaire Podcast

Jaime Masters [Tardy]

Jaime Masters: Online Entrepreneur, Speaker, Business Coach, Author and Blogger.

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  • Eventual Millionaire Podcast podcast

    Emotional Intelligence + Connection in Business with Joe Hudson


    Episode Highlights: The importance of emotional intelligence in business in creating a deep-level connection in all relationships, Tips in creating the best company culture and team for your business, Why vulnerability is needed in building great relationships, How emotions influence decision making, What is more important on decision making - your intuition or your data, Tips and tools on how to manage and sort your emotions in decision making, How to stay unattached with your goals (And how an enlightened person has goals)... https://eventualmillionaire.com/emotional-intelligence-connection-in-business-with-joe-hudson Thank you so much for watching!
  • Eventual Millionaire Podcast podcast

    Selects Edition: Scaling Jungle Scout Fast with Greg Mercer


    Episode Highlights: His experience in creating and developing Jungle Scout, Learn what led Jungle Scout to the fast growth trajectory, His journey growing up as a kid with a successful entrepreneur dad, How to counter the fear of failure, How Greg’s role grew in Jungle Scout (The strengths he developed in five years), How to step back and not micromanage (let go!), Tips and tricks in systemizing your hiring process, Learn the deciding factors of hiring, Tips in firing your employee... https://eventualmillionaire.com/selects-edition-scaling-jungle-scout-fast-with-greg-mercer Thank you so much for watching!
  • Eventual Millionaire Podcast podcast

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  • Eventual Millionaire Podcast podcast

    Selects Edition: Outsource School with Nathan Hirsch


    Episode Highlights: Why and how Nathan sold FreeeUp.com, How to build a sellable business, Tips for a smooth business transition, What is Outsource School (And what does it offer), How much due diligence should you spend on your business, Learn how Nathan and his partner, Connor, started Outsource School during the COVID-19 pandemic, Tips and hacks in creating courses and a membership site, Nathan’s marketing plan for Outsource School, Tips in establishing a partnership (And how to cultivate it), Tasks business owners can outsource to a VA... https://eventualmillionaire.com/selects-edition-outsource-school-with-nathan-hirsch Thank you so much for watching!
  • Eventual Millionaire Podcast podcast

    Selects Edition: Influence Triggers With Paul Elliott


    Episode Highlights: The one thing that instantly makes you an expert in your prospect’s eyes, Why you can’t build influence with tactics alone, How to fix a poorly converting sales pitch, Starting a coaching program from scratch (How to do it on a $1000 budget), “Mapping The Gap” strategy to build instant trust, How to attract clients with money that are happy to pay... https://eventualmillionaire.com/selects-edition-influence-triggers-with-paul-elliott Thank you so much for watching!
  • Eventual Millionaire Podcast podcast

    Million Dollar Micro Business with Tina Tower


    Episode Highlights: Learn how to Tina scaled her business without using Facebook Ads or any paid ads, How to take your relationship with your leads to the next level, The boundary in sharing your personal life in your social media platform, How to deal with cyberstalking (Concerning you and your family's security), Tips in working with your partner in your business Check out her new book, Million Dollar Micro Business... https://eventualmillionaire.com/million-dollar-micro-business-with-tina-tower Thank you so much for watching!
  • Eventual Millionaire Podcast podcast

    Romancing your Customer with Don Williams


    Episode Highlights: What to pay attention to FIRST in your business to make it successful, Tips in seeing other person's perspective (Especially your customers and clients), How to get the "I do" from your potential clients (And how long it takes to get it), Social media strategies that you can use for your business to level up your branding, When is your strategy too sales-y... https://eventualmillionaire.com/romancing-your-customer-with-don-williams Thank you so much for watching!
  • Eventual Millionaire Podcast podcast

    Better + Faster Content Creation Using Artificial Intelligence with Dennis Yu


    Episode Highlights: See how the future of software is already here by learning about cutting edge new tech companies, Learn how AI can help you create your content efficiently and easily (and it’s eerily great!), Dennis gives us a walkthrough of how to use some of these tools (including Conversion.ai), What is D-Script (And how does it work), What is AIDA Framework (And how the AI software can do it better than Jaime can)... https://eventualmillionaire.com/better-faster-content-creation-using-artificial-intelligence-with-dennis-yu Thank you so much for watching!
  • Eventual Millionaire Podcast podcast

    Bending Reality to Achieve True Happiness (Without Burnout!) with Victoria Song


    Episode Highlights: Episode Highlights: The difference between contraction and expansion (And how to transition from contraction to expansion), Acknowledging your feelings and emotions (How to tap your emotional intelligence), How body sensation affects your decision-making and success, How to get through with burnout and find sustainability in business, How the world's most successful achieve more without burnout... https://eventualmillionaire.com/bending-reality-to-achieve-true-happiness-without-burnout-with-victoria-song Thank you so much for watching!
  • Eventual Millionaire Podcast podcast

    Selects Edition: The Art Of Freestyle Living With Fabian Dittrich


    Episode Highlights: Episode Highlights: How to squeeze a daily 8-hour workload into just 3 hours of focus and flow, Why it pays off doing things you're not supposed to do (How to apply this to your niche), How to tell if something is an amazing opportunity or just a distraction you'll regret later, The possibility of achieving your goals without planning, How to save hours out of your day by doing this one thing... https://eventualmillionaire.com/selects-edition-the-art-of-freestyle-living-with-fabian-dittrich Thank you so much for watching!
  • Eventual Millionaire Podcast podcast

    Selects Edition: Profitable Online Stores With Steve Chou


    Episode Highlights: Why there's always money for you in e-commerce if you do this one thing right, The reason why being "nice" is a bad thing when you're building your online audience, How a pissed off Etsy community turned into profits for Steve, What you should do if you want to start making money sooner rather than later, The easiest way to ask for a guest post that will get you a yes almost guaranteed, How to write blog posts consistently when you hate writing, Why running traffic to your online store is not enough to make money... https://eventualmillionaire.com/selects-edition-profitable-online-stores-with-steve-chou Thank you so much for listening!

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