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    Nativism and Nationalism


    We're joined by Ilona Lahdelma for a wide-ranging discussion of nativism, nationalism and why they matter.
  • Eurocast podcast

    Irish Election Special


    As the rise of Sinn Féin rocks the Irish party system, we're joined by Prof. Aidan Regan to make sense of left-populism, the politics of housing, and the prospects for the next Irish government.
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  • Eurocast podcast

    A Leader for the Left


    As the UK Labour Party and the US Democratic Party embark on *lengthy* processes to pick new leaders, we ask Prof Rob Ford and Denise Baron where the Left is at on their path back into power.
  • Eurocast podcast

    Russia Week


    What's Putin Up To? We're joined by Lincoln Pigman and Yulia Khalikova for an episode of Kremlinology, Russian constitutional law, comparative authoritarianism, and wild speculation.
  • Eurocast podcast

    Europe's Wars


    We're joined by Dr Riccardo Alcaro and Dr Alex Clarkson to discuss the armed conflicts developing along and beyond Europe's borders, in Iran, Libya and Ukraine.
  • Eurocast podcast

    Universal Basic Income


    Marco delves into contemporary debates around Universal Basic Income policies with Dr Jurgen De Wispelaere and Prof Ian Goldin.
  • Eurocast podcast

    UK Election Special


    Paula Surridge talks us through the value divides and electoral dynamics that shaped the 'Brexit election' that saw Boris Johnson securing the first comfortable Conserative majority since 1987.
  • Eurocast podcast

    UK Election Preview with Anand Menon


    Prof. Anand Menon gives us his views on the upcoming UK general election, the state of British democracy, and prospects for Brexit.
  • Eurocast podcast

    'Big Two' Week


    We're joined by Dr Alexander Clarkson, to take stock of the first half of Macron's term, and to discuss shifts in German politics following the AfD and SPD leadership elections.
  • Eurocast podcast

    Balkans, Belarus and Bucharest


    We discuss the prospects of EU accession for the Western Balkan countries with Tena Prelec; Belarus - Europe's last dictatorship; and the Romanian Presidential election with Dr Mihail Chiru.

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