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Welcome to the Embrace Fertility podcast I’m Naomi Woolfson, a therapist who specialises in supporting women through trying to conceive, fertility treatments and then pregnancy and birth following infertility. Having been through infertility myself and being fascinated with the mind-body techniques that led me from anxiety and depression back to myself again, I retrained as a therapist and now specialise in supporting others through infertility. Visit www.embracefertility.co.uk for your free stress less fertility support pack and follow me on Insta and Facebook @embracefertility.

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    Things I wish I’d known while TTC


    Episode 81: Today I share the things I wish I’d known at 15 when I was put on the contraceptive pill for painful periods, at 19 when I was diagnosed with endometriosis and told it was highly unlikely I would be able to conceive without doing IVF. I share what I wish I’d known when I was pushed into doing repeated rounds of fertility treatments when I was really struggling with my mental health. And on Tuesday I will be running a free workshop in titled a How to double your chances of conceiving to share what I wish all of us knew about our fertility that is not currently mainstream information but should be! Come and join me www.embracefertility.co.uk/double.
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    How to double your chances of conceiving


    Episode 80: In this first episode of 2022 I talk about my intentions for the support I would like to offer you over the coming months, including three free fertility summits I’m taking part in and a free class that I’m running on the 25th of January entitled ‘How to double your chances of conceiving.’ I talk about how most people set New Year’s resolutions and they’re all about adding something into your life or trying to remove something. Creating balance and making space for the new or replacing the things you are removing is a more sustainable way of setting your intentions for the year ahead. I have big plans for 2022 and want to triple the impact that I made in 2021, so triple the amount of women being welcomed into The Embrace Fertility method or one-to-one sessions. On that note I’m fully booked for both evening and weekend therapy slots until early April but I do have space to take on just two more clients with one-to-one sessions beginning now for support for the next 12 weeks. The doors of a The Embrace Fertility Method are open now there is the next live round commencing on the 31st of January. Email me if you would like information on any of the above [email protected] Sign up for the free ‘How to double your chances of conceiving.’ Class here www.embracefertility.co.uk/double And sign up for the free summits I mentioned via the links below: https://naomiwoolfson.krtra.com/t/CWSfZEuictdT The Fertility Stress Solution and feel better weekend tickets will be launched approximately a week before each event so I will be sending those out to my mailing list when the time is right.
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  • Embrace Fertility podcast

    Merry Christmas - Feeling today


    A little Christmas message for you as I’m out in the woods and thinking of you.
  • Embrace Fertility podcast

    Take back control of your life when your only goal becomes......to have a baby


    Episode 78: Expert Interview with Jennifer Robertson Jennifer is a fertility coach and has helped women all over the world transform their mindset and take back control of their life in the midst of infertility.  She is also author of The Injustice of Infertility, a deeply inspiring and raw account of her own seven-year fertility journey.   Throughout her own fertility journey, Jen discovered that her old ways of pushing and working hard weren’t serving her. She is now using the lessons learned along the way to develop programs and support women throughout their journey to motherhood - from the moment they start trying to conceive, until they hold their baby in their arms. Blog mentioned in episode: www.jenniferrobertson.co/blog/infertility-goals "One day you wake up, and you don’t recognise the person you have become or the life that you’re leading.  Once a confident, decisive and positive person, you now feel like the whole weight of the world is on your shoulders.  You’re angry all the time and can’t be happy when other people are happy – in fact it makes you even more miserable.  You struggle making any kind of decision, and you’re bitter and negative.  It’s like you’ve added a filter of hopelessness to yourself and your life." You can follow Jennifer on Instagram @msjenniferrobertson or @yourpregnancyhaven Or via her website www.jenniferrobertson.co or www.yourpregnancyhaven.co I am now an affiliate for the Pregnancy Haven so if you sign up then please do so via this link Naomi's link to Pregnancy Haven. You can also download Jennifer's free video on how to find peace on your fertility journey here - www.jenniferrobertson.co/video-finding-peace-on-your-fertility-journey ________ For stress soothing tools at your fingertips and instant access to my;  FREE MIND-BODY FERTILITY APP   Quick and easy ways to calm your mind and body while trying to conceive including:  ♥ How to find relief from negative feelings.  ♥ How to reset when you feel stressed.  ♥ How the mind-body link impacts fertility. visit www.embracefertility.co.uk. Follow me on Instagram www.instagram.com/embracefertility/ Facebook www.facebook.com/embracefertility Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UC_61UHKAXtbrlVpGoN08BXw
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    Christmas stress! What Christmas stress?


    Episode 77. Me: I was chatting to some of my friends today and the Christmas stress and overwhelm has commenced. Husband: What is there to get stressed or overwhelmed about? Little podcast for you exploring the various nuances of this conversation and what we can learn from it over the coming weeks as the Christmas frenzy builds. I’ll be talking about how you can make the coming weeks easier by asking yourself what can I: Delete? Delegate? Delay? and what do I really want to Do? Holiday Survival Guide for those trying to conceive Free 1 hour class - Instant access to replay Sign up at www.embracefertility.co.uk/hope or via link in my profile @embracefertility.
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    Infertility and Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year


    Are you dreading the weeks ahead? Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year You can't quite believe another ENTIRE year has gone by and you still don't have your baby. You're putting so much pressure on yourself to be pregnant by the end of 2021 you might actually implode. And you're not sure how you are going to get through the celebrations, the social gathers and the never ending cheer. I've got you. In this episode I talk about the four options you have for how you go into the holiday season. Also talk about the free class that I’m running this week. Holiday survival tips for those trying to conceive Free 1 hour online workshop Thursday 18th November 1pm GMT London. 8am EST 9pm AWST Sign up at www.embracefertility.co.uk/hope or via link in my profile @embracefertility on Instagram.
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    What to do when the clinic rings with bad news mid cycle


    Episode 75: Something a little different for you today. Last week I have had two clients reach out to me, both who were mid IVF cycle and both had been given bad news from their clinics. Information that means that although they are still in the race their chances had diminished. Both were struggling with how to cope with the racing thoughts and what ifs? that come part and parcel with the phone call from the clinic. I was going to make a personal video for each of them as that is how I usually support clients but thought in this instant I would record as audio and the advice might help others as well. Notes what I talk about: Step 1 : CBT the hell out of your thinking. Look at what type of thoughts you are having. Many of those I imagine are time travelling back into the past or into the future Are you creating a story? One that is a complete nightmare and scaring you? Question those thoughts, Is it true? Is it helpful? Until the clinic say it is the end you are still in the race. Step 2 : Distract yourself and do everything you can to turn your mind to any other topic. Reach for your Lego, paints, remote, there are times when we DON'T want to numb out and we want to embrace our thinking and work with it/through it, midway through a cycle IS NOT that time. Just do what you can to distract your thoughts and cling on for the ride. Step 3 : Remind yourself why you are doing this, really zoom out and think about the bigger picture. Even if this cycle is not successful that does not mean that you will never become a mother. Even if it’s your last cycle and you have told yourself this is your absolute last chance in reality there are other decisions that could be made. However now is not the time to be making those decisions to keep focused on the fact that you just need to keep plodding through this cycle and deal with the outcome when you actually get there. Beginning to grieve an unsuccessful cycle before you actually get there is not the best use of your time and energy right now. Step 4 : Bring a sense of safety to your body. Practice techniques to bring you back into the present moment like the balancing breath, the self hug, Yoga, Quantum Flow or really simple EFT Tapping on the thoughts that are causing you most distress I let this go, it’s safe for me to let this go, I choose to let this go. EFT Tutorial and info: https://embracefertility.co.uk/eft-tapping-for-infertility-and-fertility/ All of the techniques above are ones that I teach in the Embrace Fertility Method. If you would like to know more about what it’s like to be supported by me please reach out and let’s have a conversation [email protected] ______ Are you wondering how you will get through the next 7 weeks? Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year Are you putting so much pressure on yourself to be pregnant by the end of 2021 you might actually implode? You can't quite believe another whole year has gone by and you still don't have your baby? Free 1 hour online workshop Holding onto Hope Holiday survival tips for those trying to conceive. Thursday 18th November 1pm GMT London. 8am EST 9pm AWST Visit www.embracefertility.co.uk to sign up. 
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    Can functional fertility coaching help get me pregnant? With Monica Cox


    Episode 74: Fertility Expert Interview Series. If anyone has watched 'Comedians in cars getting coffee" you will know the vibe I am intending to create with these fertility expert interviews! Like-minded people coming together and talking about a host of topics that they are incredibly passionate about. Each of the six fertility experts that I’m going to be introducing you to over the coming weeks has something very valuable to bring to the table. We kick off this week with the lovely Monica Cox of Finding Fertility.  Monica is a top Holistic Fertility Coach and Infertility Warrior who helps woman get to the bottom of their unexplained infertility so they can increase their chances of getting and staying pregnant. Author of the best-seller Baby & Me mindfulness journal & host of the highly popular podcast Finding Fertility, she dedicating to inspiring woman to look beyond their infertility diagnosis and take control of their health through clean eating and simplifying their lifestyle. In this interview Monica shares her own journey and how a friend suggesting she meet with a functional health coach began an exploration into her diet that and lifestyle that lead to uncovering obscure food intolerances and flagging up dietary health issues that Monica had been coping with that she hadn’t realised could be drastically altered through simple changes.  Monica dealt with unexplained infertility, several miscarriages & failed IVF's before becoming an IVF mom & getting pregnant natural even though the doctors said there was nothing she could do to improve her situation. This is an informative and fun interview, we cover Natural Killer Cells, how Yoga can suck for A type personalities, how even foods we label as healthy can cause intolerances, and how your Insta handle and the way you label yourself can have such a huge impact on your mindset and mental well-being. I may have bought a little mascot along because both Monica and I are slightly obsessed with 🦩🦩🦩.  Check out the episode on your favourite podcast player now just search for Embrace Fertility, go to my YouTube channel or hit the link in my bio.   Follow Monica @findingfertility and download her three step guide to taking the right steps and improving your chances of getting in staying pregnant today at www.findingfertility.co. Monica's Programmes. I receive an affiliate payment if you join Monica's Fertility Food programme via this link at no additional cost to you. If you are interested in  the below use the discount code 'EMBRACEFERTILITY' Fertility Food ________ For stress soothing tools at your fingertips and instant access to my; FREE MIND-BODY FERTILITY APP Quick and easy ways to calm your mind and body while trying to conceive including: ♥ How to find relief from negative feelings. ♥ How to reset when you feel stressed. ♥ How the mind-body link impacts fertility. visit www.embracefertility.co.uk. 
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    When a therapist needs therapy


    Episode 73: I’d just had one of the most powerful therapy sessions of my life! Part of my professional commitment as a hypnotherapist myself is to ensure that I am attending to my own emotional needs and getting therapy on anything I find triggering in the sessions I do with my clients. This is to ensure that I am not bringing my own BS to the table while supporting others. This session was on something that happened to me months ago. Something that I have worked on personally with emotional freedom technique. I’ve also discussed it at length with my closest friends and found much healing and resolution. However I knew that there was something more as I’ve been exhibiting signs of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) from similar events that were triggering flashbacks and sending me into stress response. Let me say right now that this was not a physically traumatic event but one that was purely emotional. One at the time I found upsetting and jarring but then put it under the rug and carried on. Why is it that even as a therapist working in this field I still give more credence to the physical rather than the emotional? The beliefs that I took on during that event included: I don’t matter It is not safe to voice my opinion I am a failure I am not enough Hmmmmm do you think that these beliefs playing in the background of my unconscious are helping me to live my best life and serve my clients (and you) to the highest of my ability? NOPE Tears, shaking, sweating, anger, fear. Voice them, feel them release them install the antidote phrases I matter It is safe to voice my opinion I am successful I am enough I now feel empowered, renewed, buzzing, strong. The part that is replaying in my head again and again is when my therapist Gill said; “When I last saw you I remember thinking to myself that you’re clothes and your opinions did not match your posture. You dress with confidence and are passionate about your beliefs but your body was in a state of collapse.” Wow! In this episode I share an update of what’s been happening for me in the 10 days since this session. I invite you to join me in one of my homework practices which is simply to stand with my legs slightly further apart! I explain all in a second half of the episode and would love to hear about your experiences. Email me [email protected] or on message me on Instagram @embracefertility. _____ For stress soothing tools at your fingertips visit www.embracefertility.co.uk for instant access to my; FREE MIND-BODY FERTILITY APP Quick and easy ways to calm your mind and body while trying to conceive including: ♥ How to find relief from negative feelings. ♥ How to reset when you feel stressed. ♥ How the mindbody link impacts fertility. _____ I'm Naomi Woolfson, of Embrace Fertility, a therapist specialising in supporting women through trying to conceive, fertility treatments and then pregnancy and birth following infertility. My partner and I went through almost 4 years of infertility, IUI’s, IVF, anxiety, surgery and a miscarriage before we went on to conceive both of our ginger children naturally! On this podcast I offer emotional support and share mind-body techniques to help you feel calm and confident and ultimately find yourself again while waiting for your baby. Alongside supporting clients globally in one to one therapy and coaching sessions I run a 12 week mind-body programme guiding women through the 5 steps of my unique Embrace Fertility Method; Comfort, Coping, Connection, Clearing and finally Creating. Visit https://embracefertility.co.uk/coaching for more details and email me to set up a free video call to any questions you have about being supported by me [email protected] Follow me on Instagram @embracefertility (www.instagram.com/embracefertility) and Facebook. (www.facebook.com/embracefertility)
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    Are your beliefs blocking your ability to get or stay pregnant?


    Episode 72. “I just feel so jealous and angry all the time. This isn’t me. I want to move past this.” “I can’t stop crying. Infertility is all I ever think about and it’s impacting my work and my relationship.” “I am terrified of getting pregnant again and can’t imagine ever getting past that six week scan.” “I want to energetically align with conceiving and call in my baby but I feel like I’m stopping it from happening.” “When the doctor told us we would have to use donor sperm I thought I was going to throw up. I feel so alone as my partner won’t talk about it.” “I want to connect to my faith again, I feel like God is punishing me and I’ve lost hope that we will ever have a family.” Above are some of the reasons that women decide to commit to their own emotional nourishment and join The Embrace Fertility Method. My job as your therapist is to meet you where you are and understand your model of the world. That is, how you view the world and the life you are living. We start our work together understanding what your beliefs are: About your body About yourself and the things you say to yourself. Your spiritual beliefs Your beliefs about trying to conceive, fertility treatments, pregnancy, labour and birth and parenthood. Our unconscious mind is programmed to keep us safe and it takes its job incredibly seriously. If a client has the following beliefs then our work is to begin to unpick and reframe. Saying these things to yourself on a regular basis be that consciously or unconsciously are a recipe for anxiety, self-doubt and sabotage. My body is broken Last time I got pregnant I miscarried, I can’t cope with that disappointment again. I’m not strong enough to lose another baby. I hate my body when I put on weight Childbirth is painful and I may never recover physically. Women die during childbirth. Having children broke my friend's marriage and now she is struggling to raise her kids on her own. What if I’m a terrible mother and turn out to be just like my mum? Safety first. Iff it does not feel safe for you to conceive, be pregnant, give birth and become a parent. Your subconscious mind may be trying its hardest to keep you safe. This manifests in anxiety, overwhelm, sabotaging your own attempt to conceive be that by indulging in activities that could negatively impact your fertility such as excessive exercise, drinking or overeating. Or maybe it’s more subtle, maybe it’s picking that fight with your partner when you know you are ovulating. It’s delaying the appointment at the clinic as it just doesn’t feel safe to start having those conversations. In the final day of the three day workshop I ran last week I included a guided visualisation where I asked the participants to imagine each stage of trying to conceive, getting pregnant, going into labour, giving birth, holding their baby for the first time and then imagining their child at various ages right up into their 30s. At each stage I asked the question; “Is there any resistance here? Does this feel safe?” Sometimes it’s as simple as working through your fears consciously, journaling about them, mismatching them with the technique I taught on day two with the PROP statement. Then spending time visualising what you want, seeing it going well and feeling good. This instructs your mind and body that this is what you want and it is safe for you to want it. Most importantly it is safe for you to have it. Other times we need to go deeper, we need to create a strong foundation of safety within your mind and body, we need to bring in energy work such as emotional freedom technique or AMDR to reprogram the neural pathways in your mind to release past trauma. Message me for more info [email protected]

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