Eating Disorders: Navigating Recovery podcast

Eating Disorders: Navigating Recovery

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Co-hosts Francis Iacobucci (he/him/his) and Catherine Brown (she/her/hers) explore the complexities and profound impacts of eating disorders. With insights from individuals in recovery, mental health professionals, and family members, Eating Disorders: Navigating Recovery helps break the stigma surrounding eating disorders and provides a platform for engagement and connection. The recovery journey is not linear; whether you have struggled with disordered eating for days or years, we are here to help along the way.

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  • Eating Disorders: Navigating Recovery podcast

    Episode 79: Kim Machado (she/hers), psychotherapist and trauma expert, talks the intersection of eating disorders and trauma


    Catherine and Francis are excited to speak with Kim Machado, a psychotherapist and trained trauma expert, about the complex intersection of eating disorders and trauma. Kim shares how the subjective experiences of trauma impact individuals in various ways, and that many use maladaptive behaviors to tell a story of their trauma. Her approach in working with those who experience trauma is empathetic, compassionate, and can be described by one of her favorite quotes from Alice in Wonderland, "when you can't look on the bright side I will sit with you in the dark." We are so appreciative of Kim's time, energy, and expertise. We hope you enjoy!CW: trauma experiences, eating disorder behaviors, mention of abuse, mention of complex trauma, self-harm behaviors
  • Eating Disorders: Navigating Recovery podcast

    Special Episode: It’s National Suicide Prevention Month, and Kimberly O’Brien (she/hers), Ph.D., is here to de-stigmatize the conversation


    September is National Suicide Prevention Month, and in recognition of this we invited Kimberly O’Brien, Ph.D., LICSW to have a conversation about teens and suicide. Dr. O’Brien is a clinical social worker whose research focuses on the development and testing of brief interventions for suicidal teens with and without substance use and their families. An often-stigmatized topic, Dr. O’Brien helps break down walls around having conversations with young people about suicide. There are so many contributing factors which can lead young people to have thoughts of killing themselves – depression, anxiety, eating disorders, sexual identity, trauma, gender identity – and being able to have an open and honest conversation with a trusted individual is an important and vital part of making people feel heard and supported. CW: suicidal ideation, suicide among teens and lgbtqia community, eating disorder behaviors, trauma histories, mention of substance use, mention of family interventions and dynamics
  • Eating Disorders: Navigating Recovery podcast

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  • Eating Disorders: Navigating Recovery podcast

    Episode 78: An International public and TEDx speaker and best selling author, Zoe Burnett (she/hers) is a diet culture rebel


    Catherine and Francis were excited to speak with diet culture rebel and eating disorder campaigner, Zoe Burnett. Zoe is an Amazon best selling author of "inside my ed" and an international public and TEDx speaker. She brings all of that experience -- as well as her lived experience recovering from an eating disorder -- to this interview. Filled with energy, knowledge, and passion, Zoe recalls her own journey experiencing an eating disorder, being diagnosed with atypical anorexia, and having the support of her husband. She bashes the BMI and gives her insights on how government policies contribute to the development of poor body image and eating disorders. Zoe's goal is to try to inspire others, with empathy, to embrace the notion of body acceptance, whilst exposing the harms of diet culture, encouraging us to count the memories, not the calories. And she did just that! CW: eating disorder behaviors, recalling of suicidal ideation and physical abuse, trauma
  • Eating Disorders: Navigating Recovery podcast

    Episode 77: Maris Degener (she/hers) shares her story and the work she continues to do to advocate for peer mentorships within recovery


    Catherine and Francis were thrilled to speak with Maris Degener, Manager of Peer Mentorship with Equip, a virtual eating disorder treatment for individuals six to 24 years old. After recovering from anorexia nervosa as a teenager, Maris became passionate about harnessing her lived experience to support others experiencing eating disorders. Maris shared her story in the documentary “I Am Maris,” to spread the message that full recovery is possible and destigmatize talking openly about mental health experiences. In this conversation, Maris walks the co-hosts through what it was like to receive Family Based Treatment as a teenager for her eating disorder, including the sometimes-difficult experiences with her parents, whom ultimately, she credits for being an important piece of her recovery. Maris shares how yoga became a vital component to her ongoing recovery efforts and provides listeners with other skills she found helpful. Maris talks about her work with Equip, and how mentorship -- both for the individual and for the family -- is an important part of the recovery process often left out of the equation. We thank Maris for her continued work with and advocacy for those experiencing eating disorders, and are incredibly grateful for her time, energy, and vulnerability. CW: eating disorder behaviors, familial relationships, eating disorder treatment
  • Eating Disorders: Navigating Recovery podcast

    Episode 76: Dr. Gemma Sharp (she/hers), Senior Research Fellow, Monash University, shares how body image impacts our lives and so much more


    Catherine and Francis welcome Dr. Gemma Sharp, Senior Research Fellow at Monash University and clinical psychologist, to the podcast. Her research focuses on understanding the causes of and developing novel treatments for body image issues and related disorders. In this conversation, Dr. Sharp shares what drove her to this important work and what about body image issues keeps her coming back to do more research, including around genital body image concerns across the gender spectrum, a fascinating topic that deepens the understanding of what influences self-perspectives. She also introduces us to KIT, an online chatbox which is designed to educate and provide information about body image issues for those seeking help. Dr. Sharp’s expertise in this field of study is much needed and feels validating, especially for those who have experienced negative body image throughout their lives. We are so grateful for her time and energy, and we hope you enjoy!CW: eating disorder behaviors, pandemic related anxiety, body image conversation, genital body image concerns
  • Eating Disorders: Navigating Recovery podcast

    Episode 75: Dianna Goodman (she/hers) -- mother of Vance Goodman (Ep. 63) -- shares a parent's perspective on eating disorders and recovery


    In this emotional and inspiring episode, Dianna Goodman -- mother of Vance Goodman who joined EDNR in episode 63 -- shares her experience as a mother, caretaker, and human watching a loved one struggle with an eating disorder for years. Dianna shares her pain, frustration, and joy as she recalls navigating her daughter's physical and emotional symptoms, accessing treatment (an even more daunting task 20 years ago), being told her daughter would not recover by medical professionals, her own sense of loneliness, and Vance's full recovery. This journey eventually led to Dianna opening the Carolina Resource Center for Eating Disorders, a non-profit dedicated to supporting and helping those impacted by eating disorders -- individuals and support systems alike. Her message of hope is powerful, and we were so grateful for Dianna's time, energy, emotion, and grace. We hope you enjoy!CW: eating disorder behaviors
  • Eating Disorders: Navigating Recovery podcast

    Episode 74: Amy Minh Hanh Corey (she/hers) -- public speaker, ambassador, advocate -- shares her recovery story


    On this episode, Catherine and Francis interview Amy Minh Hanh Corey, public speaker, writer, ambassador, entrepreneur, and advocate for individuals experiencing mental health problems who feel misunderstood. Amy demonstrates such strength and passion in her story, sharing with the co-hosts what it was like being someone experiencing mental health problems and an eating disorder in the entertainment industry and how she was able to find recovery in a world that didn’t want her to recover. Through her recovery journey, Amy has connected with her culture, practicing Buddhism to remain grounded, and helping to educate individuals across the globe – including Vietnam through her Goodwill Ambassadorship – about the impacts of mental health experiences and how to seek and access treatment. We feel so grateful for Amy’s time, energy, and vulnerability, and hope you can find your own connection in the words she shares. CW: eating disorder behaviors, suicide, trauma, self-harm, depression, gas-lighting behaviors,alcohol use, body size commentary, food scarcity
  • Eating Disorders: Navigating Recovery podcast

    Episode 73: Miss Fayette County 2020, Jasmyn Cornell (she/hers), shares her motivation for the "I am S.P.A.R.K.L.E." initiative


    In this episode, Francis and Catherine talk to Jasmyn Cornelle, Miss Fayette County, Georgia, 2020-21. Jasmyn talks about her experience with body dissatisfaction and her motivation for creating "I am S.P.A.R.K.L.E," an initiative focused on promoting body positivity, challenging beauty standards, and spreading awareness of eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorder. Jasmyn also shares her experience of participating in the Miss America organization and working as a journalist, and she explores ways in which people can become intelligent media consumers. She also shares her experiences volunteering for several different eating disorder organizations. Jasmyn currently serves as an advocacy volunteer for the Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness and Miss Fayette County under the Miss America Organization. Additionally, she is working alongside medical providers, the National Eating Disorders Association, and The Body Positive to provide support to those impacted by body image concerns and shift the conversation on food, weight, and health. She hopes to inspire individuals around the globe and leave a body positive legacy for generations to come.We're thankful Jasmyn took the time to talk to us today, and we appreciate the effort and energy she is putting towards changing the way we all think about beauty and bodies.
  • Eating Disorders: Navigating Recovery podcast

    Episode 72: Carrie Rossiter (she/hers), eating disorder recovery and LGBTQ+ advocate, vulnerably shares her story of recovery


    In this episode of the Navigating Recovery Podcast, Catherine and Francis speak with Carrie Rossiter, an eating disorder recovery and LGBTQ+ advocate. Carrie vulnerably recalls the beginnings of her eating disorder, and how a trip to Italy and previous trauma and family dynamics contributed. She works through the painful parts of her story, continually reminding us that recovery is neither linear nor perfect, and that there is always hope for recovery. She talks about her book, Diet Pills and Broken Dreams – Stories I Could Not Tell, a brutally honest memoir which is comprised of pieces of her journals. Carrie’s contribution to the podcast is an important one, and we were so appreciated of her time and energy. CW: eating disorders, eating disorder behaviors, trauma, strained family dynamcis
  • Eating Disorders: Navigating Recovery podcast

    Episode 71: Natalie Fisher (she/hers) shares her story of recovery and how she was able to create space for fun in a challenging experience


    In this episode, Catherine and Francis are joined by Natalie Fisher, a junior at Grand Valley State University's Kirkhof College of Nursing. She shares her story of recovery - which began in April of 2020 -- and how social media became an outlet to speak out about her experience and connect with others in recovery or in search of recovery. In this interview, Natalie discusses what keeps her grounded and how she was able to create space for fun in her recovery, especially through her "Smash List". Natalie wants to use her voice about eating disorder recovery and mental health to reach out and help those who may be struggling. Given her incredible passion about this subject and eating disorder recovery, she would love to work in the mental health field as a nurse one day. It was a pleasure having her on the program!CW: eating disorder behaviors, eating disorder treatment

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