Eat Blog Talk | Megan Porta podcast

Eat Blog Talk | Megan Porta

Megan Porta

The Eat Blog Talk podcast features interviews with food bloggers and other experts who will bring insight into the world of food blogging. We cover all the hot food blogging topics you want to learn about (think SEO, Pinterest and how to approach brands) and we also discuss self-development and how it can improve your job performance, creativity, productivity and add value to your business! Eat Blog Talk publishes new episodes twice/week (Mon and Thur), so listen in!

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  • Eat Blog Talk | Megan Porta podcast

    247: The Ins and Outs of Google Web Stories For Food Bloggers with Jason Logsdon and Taryn Solie


    This Clubhouse recording from 9/24/21 delivers current information about how, why and when to create Google web stories: - How to find topics and when to publish stories. - Consider using Google Trends to help with trending topic ideas. - Image sizing, frequency of posting and republishing oldies. - So many voices provide value to this insightful conversation!
  • Eat Blog Talk | Megan Porta podcast

    246: Prescribing Your Own System for Balance with Chelsea Cole


    Chelsea, food blogger at A Duck’s Oven, came to a point recently where she just had too much on her plate. She knew something needed to budge, so she created her own unique system for keeping the right balls in the air. She gives such great advice inside this episode about how YOU can prescribe your very own system for achieving balance. - Put the most important to-do items at the top of your list (think: exercise and self care). - You do NOT need to adhere to other people’s strategies if they do not work for you. - Communicate very clearly about busy times before diving in, so everyone is on the same page. - Have grace with yourself and allow wiggle room for breathing when it is needed.
  • Eat Blog Talk | Megan Porta podcast

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  • Eat Blog Talk | Megan Porta podcast

    245: Leverage Podcast Guesting to Make an Impact on Business Growth with Angie Trueblood


    Podcast guesting is an underutilized strategy in the food blogging space. Angie from joins us in this episode to share just how powerful this can be and what a massive impact it can have on your business. - Just get started. Pinpoint a topic you love talking about and that solves a specific problem for people and start talking about it! - Angie shares her incredible pitch template within the episode! - Shortcuts for making sure a podcast is a good fit for you (and vice versa) without having to listen to hours of it before pitching. - This is a great way to network, build relationships, practice speaking fluently, offer up your own products and services to new audiences and so much more.
  • Eat Blog Talk | Megan Porta podcast

    244: Series (Part 1): From Many Mistakes to Many Wins with Megan Porta


    As the self-proclaimed “poster child” for making the most mistakes in a blogging journey, Megan from the food blog Pip and Ebby shares about the mistakes she has made within this series. This is the first episode in a series that covers multiple mistakes, takeaways and action steps for other food bloggers to learn from. Mistake #1: Thinking you can do it all on our own. - If you are resisting inviting people and information into your business, it’s time to surrender! - Have grace with yourself if you’ve carried this mindset with you. It’s part of your story. Course correct and keep moving FORWARD. - Action steps included for inviting people and value into your business. This journey was not meant to be navigated solo!
  • Eat Blog Talk | Megan Porta podcast

    243: Tap Into Your Zone of Genius with Emily Perron


    Do you know what your zones of genius are? Whether your answer is yes or no, Emily from delivers so much value in this episode that will put you on a path to being happier about the work you’re doing. - Just because you CAN, doesn’t mean you SHOULD work on a set of tasks. - Log your time to discover which projects or tasks can be removed from your life, either by eliminating or outsourcing. - Tune in to to hear Emily’s strategy for finding your zone of genius tasks!
  • Eat Blog Talk | Megan Porta podcast

    242: Increase Blog Traffic in the New Year by Focusing on Weight Loss with Sara Borgstede


    Do you experience the January traffic lull like a lot of other food bloggers do? Sara from The Holy Mess shares tips about how to address weight loss and healthy eating EVEN IF you are not a health-focused blogger. Now is the time to put thought into this and take action so you don’t experience a traffic dip when the new year comes. - Experiment with long-tail keywords surrounding healthy eating. - Spruce up your health-conscious recipe posts now. - Create roundups surrounding salads, low carb, healthy desserts and kid-friendly foods. - Be relatable. Talk to your audience in a sensitive and real way about the struggles you experience on the topic of being more conscious about what you put into your body.
  • Eat Blog Talk | Megan Porta podcast

    241: Personalizing Your Pitch to Land Brand Deals within Your Niche with Kim Cauti and Chelsea Vetre


    If working with brands is a project you’d love to tackle, you will need a solid, personalized pitch to bring to the table. Kim and Chelsea from 10k Under 10k bring massive value to this conversation, imparting wisdom from their own experiences with doing sponsored work. - Consider taking your focus off ads and see sponsored opportunities as a way to earn revenue in a really fun way. - First impressions are important, so put time and thought into how brands will first perceive you. - Make your pitches juicy! Find the gaps and fill those gaps and show up authentically. - If you’re having a hard time finding your niche, consider this: What problems have YOU overcome in the kitchen? - Never work in exchange for free products. Your time, knowledge and expertise are all VALUABLE.
  • Eat Blog Talk | Megan Porta podcast

    240: Give Your Social Traffic a 50X Boost by Utilizing Niche Facebook Groups with Emily Eggers


    Emily is the blogger behind Legally Healthy Blonde and she grew her social media traffic by 50X in one month by utilizing niche Facebook groups. Join us in the episode to hear her tips, if you’re looking for a traffic boost yourself! - Find a few niche Facebook groups that align with your brand and start engaging with people inside them. - Make, photograph and share relevant information in the groups, linking back to your blog content. - Start each post with a question in order to jump-start engagement. - Use emojis and let people know you’re a real human, with real kitchen struggles. - This is also a great way to massively grow your email list.
  • Eat Blog Talk | Megan Porta podcast

    239: From 0 to 75K Sessions in 15 Months, Focusing on Just SEO: Six Lessons Learned with Shruthi Baskaran


    Shruthi is the blogger behind Urban Farmie and she has seen quick growth in her business by focusing on a few simple concepts relating to SEO. Join us in the episode to learn her secrets for going from 0 to 75k sessions/month in a short 15 months! - Think about the technical issues first and foremost. - Plan and post according to your niche, but stay true to YOU, as well. - Focus on one thing at a time. - Marry your content calendar and keyword research. - Create a recipe post template to be as efficient as possible. - Understand that at some point Google updates will wreck your traffic. Accept and surrender to this fact and life will be much easier to swallow.
  • Eat Blog Talk | Megan Porta podcast

    238: Don’t Ignore the Business Side of Blogging with Ansley Beutler


    Whether you are new to blogging or are just considering taking the leap from a different job, this episode will offer many insights into the “business” side of the blogging industry. Ansley from The Fit Peach carries knowledge about finances and taxes into her blogging business and imparts her wisdom inside the episode! - Things to think through before turning blogging into a business: W2s, insurance and 401k replacements. - Stay on top of your bookkeeping. - Price your work to reflect your value. Just because you’re working for yourself does not mean you shouldn’t get paid. - Consider your 5- and 10-year plans in terms of finances and retirement.

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