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Your favorite female Shock Jock. Also, the degenerate love child of Dolly Parton & Dr. Ruth.

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    Richelle Ryan Is the Puma Of Porn


    We are back with a bang! Welcome to Season 4. Bunnie pulls out the big guns for the first episode with Richelle Ryan, adult actress, Only Fans star, and quite possibly Bunnie's favorite booty on Twitter. Richelle talks about how she moved to LA and started dancing as a young girl and her infatuation with the adult industry. She gets real about liking younger men, some of her own personal favorite scenes, and Tinder. Richelle and Bunnie also talk about aging like a fine wine and spill some porn insider secrets.  Bunnie: TikTok | IG | YouTube Richelle Ryan: Only Fans | Twitter  "No one teaches you how to f*ck on camera. They are like here you go, put your butthole on camera." - Bunnie   "I'm cold sober for everything. And I'm still a blast." - Richelle    "I feel like the longer I'm in porn, the more I want to be in a monogamous relationship." - Richelle     
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    Dr. Felix: Sex Talk


    The doc is back! Bunnie welcomes back the highly requested Dr. Cherise Felix, MD. to give an update on all the offerings at her Service Station including injections for men and beautiful buttholes. Dr. Felix answers some of your most detailed questions about women's parts, liposuction, and advice on sexual health. Bunnie talks about getting work done and how she is now climbing the top of her sexual peak!  "Surgery is not the whole answer."  - Bunnie  "I feel like vaginas can take a beating." - Bunnie    Dr. Felix: cherisefelixmd.com
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  • Dumb Blonde podcast

    Bunnie's Dad Bill Spills All About Raising Bunnie


    It took him three years to come on the show, but Bunnie's dad Bill is finally here and ready to tell all! Bill talks about what it was like raising Bunnie as a single dad, if she really was a trouble maker, and a few life lessons he's learned along the way about parenting. Bill also shares how he gets his youthful glow and sweet haircut.  "We taught you to drink at an early age." - Bill 
  • Dumb Blonde podcast

    FJ Outlaw: Processing Pain and His New Penis


    Bunnie listened to all the women in her DM's, and welcomes the sexy voiced rapper FJ Outlaw to the show this week to talk a little dirty and spill the tea. FJ explains why he's never cheated or had a threesome (yet!), and what he looks for in a hookup. FJ opens up about processing the pain of losing his loved ones and best friends, signing with Mako Music Group, how he got into rap, and why he sleeps fully clothed gripping a pistol.  "Money reveals character, it doesn't hide it." - Bunnie  "Good music is good music." - FJ Bunnie: www.dumbblondeunrated.com FJ Outlaw: Website | IG | Music   
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    Tommy Vext Part 2: Exes and Oh My's


    In this Part 2 with Tommy Vext, he talks about people trying to cancel him for his political beliefs and gives his side to the story of past relationship drama that made headlines. Tommy exposes the liberal elite, explains why political correctness is hurting rather than helping, and he and Bunnie talk about the importance of NDA's. If you thought Part 1 was wild, strap in for this roller coaster of a conversation!  "It's a lack of boundaries that bond us together." - Tommy    Bunnie: www.dumbblondeunrated.com Tommy Vext: IG | Website | Music   
  • Dumb Blonde podcast

    Tommy Vext: Exes, Metal and Almost Being Murdered


    It's a wild one this week as Bunnie welcomes rocker, singer, and songwriter Tommy Vext. He opens up about everything from his twin brother to former bands, past relationships, and his sobriety. Tommy talks about his upcoming co-headlining tour with Struggle Jennings, his issues with the current metal industry, and the call that saved his life.  "Getting sober, you really have to get to know yourself." - Bunnie    Bunnie: www.dumbblondeunrated.com Tommy Vext: IG | Website | Music    David Vincent  Bob Larson     
  • Dumb Blonde podcast

    Adam Calhoun: Pop Tarts, Areolas, Nashville Fight & Family Life


    You requested him, and this week he is here!  Country and rap musician Adam Calhoun joins Bunnie and Jelly to dish on everything from being arrested, his relationship, to what really happened in the Nashville fight. Adam talks about blowing up on YouTube, and going from eating cereal with water in a trailer to selling out huge venues and fans all around the world. Adam also gives the details on his two LAST rap albums that he is currently recording.  "When you are broke, you f neighbors." - Jelly  "Did you know that the stronger sperm makes girls?" - Bunnie   Bunnie: www.dumbblondeunrated.com Adam Calhoun: Website | YouTube | Music 
  • Dumb Blonde podcast

    Meme and Hailee: Oiling Bunnie and What She's Really Like Behind The Scenes


    It's pure Taurus power this week as Manager / Hair Stylist Meme and Make Up Guru Hailee do a full episode on all things behind the scenes with Bunnie. They talk about how they became part of the dream team and what it is like to collaborate with Bunnie - revealing some things you probably wouldn't have guessed. They also share a few of Bunnie's signature beauty products and answer some of your questions, even the weird ones.  "I have this thing where I can't put mayonnaise on my skin."  "If you want to work well with someone, get a Taurus."  Bunnie: www.dumbblondeunrated.com Meme - @Shearly.Sinful  | Level 13 Hair Studio  Hailee - @makeupbyhailee 
  • Dumb Blonde podcast

    Charlie Classic and Lydia Black Part 2: Enemas, Slurpees, and The Weirdest Day on Set


    The fun continues this week with Charlie Classic taking over for Bunnie, talking with adult actress and model Lydia Black about everything from enemas to dog costumes. Lydia shares the weirdest day on set she's ever had, why her love for butt stuff is a curse, and how she'll make you pass out with those metal balls.   "I would lick peanut butter out of a girl's butt." - Charlie "I just don't like things in my butt. I've tried it and I don't like it." - Charlie Bunnie: www.dumbblondeunrated.com Charlie Classic: Youtube | Twitter  Lydia Black: Website adamandeve.com Discount code: BUNNIE Offer: 50% Off 1 Item and Free Shipping in the US & Canada *certain exclusions apply
  • Dumb Blonde podcast

    Charlie Classic : Fisting, Watersports and Rubber Tails


    Comedian and social media star Charlie Classic dives deep into professional adult actress and fetish model Lydia Black this week to talk about her love of hentai, how she prepares for a shoot day, and her own personal fetishes. The hilarious duo also talks about how weird it is to watch porn when your friends are the actors, cake farting, and Lydia shares the one fetish you won't see her do.  Bunnie: www.dumbblondeunrated.com Charlie Classic: Youtube | Twitter  Lydia Black: Website OnlyFans  "Everyone is into cake farting."  adamandeve.com Discount code: BUNNIE Offer: 50% Off 1 Item and Free Shipping in the US & Canada *certain exclusions apply  

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