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Is Open Source the Way Forward for DIY Audio?

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DIY audio folks like to share--that's what makes us a community. My kits and the DIY Project Directory are possible because others have shared their research, schematics, designs, etc. without any legal limitations. In turn, I document my projects so that anyone who cares to can learn from, tweak, or improve upon them. So, while the greater audio world remains largely closed, with patents, secrecy, and lawyers protecting intellectual property, our little DIY corner is very much an "open source" environment. But unlike explicitly open-source communities such as Wikipedia or GitHub, our openness is not formalized into licenses or explicitly agreed upon. In podcast #5 I talk Eric Jennings of, an open-source, wireless hardware platform, about how an open source approach might look for the DIY audio community. Topics discussed include:
  • Is openness a viable way forward for the DIY audio world?
  • What exactly does open source mean for a hardware-based industry?
  • Does open source encourage cloners and copycats?
  • How can audio designers protect their work without patents?
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