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Why is Old Tech Creepy? (Analog Horror, The Gothic & Hauntology)

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Why is Old Tech Creepy? (Analog Horror, The Gothic & Hauntology) Mason finds a mysterious VHS copy of Candle Cove. Not having a VCR, he heads to Perry's Airbnb mansion only to discover that Perry is also VCR-less. After a short debate, they hop into the FolksWagen and head to Todd's pawn shop. And that's where things get a bit strange... In this episode: A dramatization of the Candle Cove creepypasta. A discussion about Analog Horror and how it intersects with folklore. The Carterhaugh School breaks down Gothic. The term "hauntology" as explained by Diane Rodgers. Imaginary Worlds host Eric Molinsky makes an appearance. Guests: Diane A. Rodgers PhD, Senior Lecturer in Media at Sheffield Hallam University Dr. Sara Cleto and Dr. Brittany Warman from the Carterhaugh School of Folklore & the Fantastic Eric Molinsky, creator and host of the Imaginary Worlds podcast. Alex Hera, filmmaker. Creator of the documentary, "The History of Analog Horror", and a 100 Episode webseries called "Walker Creek", which was later re-edited into a feature-length video, and was the basis of a feature-length documentary titled "Making an ARG: Walker Creek". Featuring voice acting from: Brooke Jennett of THIRTEEN as Voice #1 in the opening story. Daniel Spencer of Frankenstein's Jukebox as Voice #2 in the opening story Erin King of The Amelia Project as Voice #3 in the opening story Rich Daigle (aka Mouth Almighty) voices Todd the pawn shop owner. 🗣 Join our Discord community 💁‍♀️ Support us on Patreon 🕸 Sign-up for our newsletter, check our our merch, and learn more about the show at 📚 Check our book list for some great folklore-related books Find us on the socials: Twitter: @digiFolklorePod Facebook: DigitalFolklorePod Instagram: DigitalFolklorePod TikTok: digitalfolklore Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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