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Technical Difficulties - Dr. Lynne McNeill

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Technical Difficulties (Dr. Lynne McNeill) We're joined by veritable digital folklore superstar Lynne McNeill! We are also joined by innumerable technical gremlins, as well as some obvious problems as Perry discovers that Mason has bulldozed the inside of his studio in order to look good on the video chat. Dr. McNeill offers up an immense amount of knowledge and insight, while Perry and Mason barely hold things together. In this episode: Lynne's brilliant definition of folklore. Misinformation, disinformation, media literacy, and the dark side of folkloric transmission. How studying folklore might be more important now than ever. The 'Folklorist's Forensic Toolkit' (how to think like a folklorist). Too much great information to fit in this list! Guest: Dr. Lynne McNeill, author of Folklore Rules, and head of the folklore program at Utah State University. She's also on Twitter! Featuring voice acting from: Brooke Jennett of THIRTEEN as Digby. Tucker Bettez of PodCube as Dr. Sphynkyll. 🗣 Join our Discord community 💁‍♀️ Support us on Patreon 🕸 Sign-up for our newsletter, check our our merch, and learn more about the show at 📚 Check our book list for some great folklore-related books Find us on the socials: Twitter: @digiFolklorePod Facebook: DigitalFolklorePod Instagram: DigitalFolklorePod TikTok: digitalfolklore REMEMBER THE ARTIFACTS - KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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