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See for Yourself (Urban Legends, Ghost Tours, & Legend Tripping)

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See for Yourself Perry picks up Mason from his house at 4:00am (yes... four in the freaking morning) for a road trip out to the gravesite of Elijah Bond - inventor of the Ouija Board. On the way, they encounter quite a few remarkable folks with stories to tell... Content Warnings: Because of dynamically inserted ads, timestamps would be inaccurate. Here's how to avoid potentially triggering content: Suffocation: in the Hoosac Tunnel story, when you hear us talk about the "Central Shaft", skip ahead ~4 minutes. Racially motivated violence: When you hear the phrase "Mini Lights", skip ahead ~3 minutes. In this episode: An opening retelling of the classic "Hook Hand Man" urban legend. A short retelling of the history of the Hoosac Tunnel, and how Mason paid it a visit. What it means to get to the origin of local legends, and exploration of how they change over time and the purposes they serve. A discussion with a professional ghost tour guide. Discussion around the importance of studying urban legends, and a retelling of the Bunny Man legend. Guests: Mark Muncy, author of the bestselling book Eerie Florida and other compilations of local legends. Paul Prater, multifaceted entertainer and ghost tour guide. Betty Aquino, a graduate student in the folklore program at George Mason University. Featuring voice acting from: GennaRose Nethercott told our opening story of the Hook Hand Man. GennaRose is a an author, poet, folklorist, and an associate producer and researcher for the highly acclaimed Lore podcast. Eric Gray was the voice of AM radio host Bart Chime. Eric creates the podcast "Dumb People with Terrible Ideas" which is a hilarious, pun-filled teardown of hubris - all delivered in his iconic voice. Mason's personal favorite episode is this one about FM radio. Ruben Basalto was the "Moon Man Dad Caller" at the beginning of the AM radio show. Ruben is a voice actor who you can hire for your next project! 🗣 Join our Discord community 💁‍♀️ Support us on Patreon 🕸 Sign-up for our newsletter, check our our merch, and learn more about the show at 📚 Check our book list for some great folklore-related books Find us on the socials: Twitter: @digiFolklorePod Facebook: DigitalFolklorePod Instagram: DigitalFolklorePod TikTok: digitalfolklore Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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