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GennaRose Nethercott | Unplugged

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Welcome to Digital Folklore… Unplugged Edition. “Unplugged” is a new, additional, episode format type we’re trying out.  Digital Folklore episodes labeled as “Unplugged” will be much more like traditional interview-based podcasts. Whereas our standard episodes tend to focus on a fun way to present a single topic or set of tightly related topics, Digital Folklore ‘unplugged’ is about showcasing our interviewees… and so will often touch on a wide range of topics in a single interview.  Today’s guest is GennaRose Nethercott. She is a folklorist, an author, a poet, and is also a researcher & producer for the podcast Lore. She’s won a National Poetry Series award for her book, The Lumberjack’s Dove… and her most recent book, Thistlefoot, a reimagining of Baba Yaga that she somehow effortlessly weaves together with American road adventure, the complexity of sibling relationships, and puppetry…  What you are about to hear is a roughly 45 minute excerpt from our full hour and 30 minute interview with GennaRose. If you’re a Patreon supporter, you can head over to Patreon for access to the full interview where you’ll hear about GennaRose’s life as a child clown, her quest to secure a bell tower to work from, what it was like to win the National Poetry Series, the writing of Thistlefoot, and more… That’s all on Patreon. We pick up here with a discussion of folklore, urban legends, and the interesting time we find ourselves in, which is enabled by social media and other forms of mass public online expression…. Ok, let’s get unplugged… Guest: GennaRose Nethercott (Twitter) (Website) Books (Amazon Associate Links) Thistlefoot: A Novel The Lumberjack's Dove: A Poem 🗣 Join our Discord community 💁‍♀️ Support us on Patreon 🕸 Sign-up for our newsletter, check our our merch, and learn more about the show at 📚 Check our book list for some great folklore-related books Find us on the socials: Twitter: @digiFolklorePod Facebook: DigitalFolklorePod Instagram: DigitalFolklorePod TikTok: digitalfolklore Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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